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Big strawberry...bho pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dank509, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. A gram for 30 off a friend
  2. The fuck is that? Looks nasty.
  3. Shit that u can't hit make ur lil lungs through up hhaha lol Naa some honey oil son. Straight out a bees butt
  4. so many noobs.
  5. can you take a picture of inside the vial? looks yummy as fuck.
  6. Looks prime man! I love honey oil! :smoke: Enjoy!!

    And more pictures would be awesome!! :)
  7. :O all those hating fools, your lucky 30 a G damnn nice friend
  8. I just good it ain't skimpy. He said the vial without the lid was 3 grams. He said it might be over it it weighed 4.2... I'll weigh it once its empty
  9. Not good
  10. i have no clue at all how bjo weighs, but is that vial like 80% full? full being at the bottom of the indent where the cap screws on.
  11. Here's some
  12. damn, bro id buy that any day straight up. living in a non mmj state if i ever came across that 30 a g id buy. fuck that looks good
  13. nice oil my friend,i wish i had access to buying oil.
    im gunna make some in the future i just need to save up enough money for an oil dome set for my bub and a half oz of extra dank.

    how are ya smoking it?skillet,dome,topping bowls?
  14. How do you smoke that?
  15. Smearing dabs on bowls, hitting the bowl getting it cherry red n melt some into my hit.

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