Big Setback

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sneakers, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I thought I was on top of things. About 3 weeks before i finished my first grow I had 3 more plants started to use as potential moms. One of them just seemed to be having a hard time so I discontinued it, leaving me with 2. After a month of growing and a couple of weeks of having cuttings in flower, it appears they are both males. I was even getting anxious while waiting for them to flower and show sex that I took 4 more cuttings that are now trying to grow roots and looking real good for their 3rd day of independance.

    These 2 clones that I am/was sexing are at the stage of stretching about an inch a day and are about 10 days old and a foot tall. I was really getting into it again. I was planning on harvesting in time for halloween but now I will be lucky to harvest before Christmas.

    I don't have too many seeds left of this particular strain so perhaps I will need to keep a male alive under 24 hour lights until I get some female clones going. I was kinda hoping for a male in the mix but not like this.

    Plan B

    I found what looked like just a couple of immature male flowers on one of the plants I just harvested. Actually it looked like empty seed sacks but could have easily been male flowers. They were not placed right to be seed sacks. After finding that, I searched the plant still growing for any male flowers. All I found was a single seed. I left the seed under the lights to allow it to dry some. I placed it into a CD case.and moved it last week when I was going to work on my closet. Unfortunately I stepped on it and smashed it.

    All of the buds from this final harvested plant were in a large plastic bowl. After placing them into various containers, there were some hairs and another single seed in the bowl. Immediately put it in a safe place. Today when I realized my predicument, I placed this seed in between some wet paper towels to start the germinating process. I feel confident that if this seed sprouts it will be a female plant. There were no male plants in the last grow and those seeds had to come from some single hermie flowers that apparently polenated enough for only 2 seeds. Maybe I will find more as I smoke this.

    I have a friend who wants to start growing his own. Times like this it would be nice to know someone to get a couple of cuttings from. Maybe smoking a bag or 2 of mids will only make me appreciate this more. This turned out being some pretty good stuff and a couple of times has thrown me totally loopless.

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