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  1. So, Why do I feel this feeling that I have to find a woman, a goddess,a nice hunk of ass? I don't know what it is! I just feel like I must be with one woman (and I'm not horny). I can't find one who understands me.

    Post if you Know Where I'm coming from>
  2. Oh Honey!!!!!! you are actually right on target.... don't be discouraged and don't give up. She is out there, and she is searching just as hard to find you. You have to be patient, and pay careful attention to the details around you. Perhaps you have met her already, and just didn't know it at the time. :)
    I know where you are coming from, because I have only been with my soul mate for the last 4 years. It is wonderful, and well worth the pain and trouble you must go through in order to get to that point in you journey.
    Just keep trying!!!
  3. hey i know what you mean i was the same till about 2 years ago....u know sometimes it might even be someone pretty close to you, that you thought was just a pal that you get on really well with but you're scared to say something in case it changes for the worst and she'll take it the wrong way....sometimes you can't see the forrest for all the trees....i think Diana Ross had it right when she sang..."You can't hurry love, no, you'll just have to wait, she said Love don't come easy, it's a game of give and take"......Peace out.....Sid
  4. Normally I don't take the time to share what I have experienced with others, especially those that are just beginning their journey, and for that let me say "I'm sorry".

    There are certain things that I have come to believe, many of them are just flat out common sense, others must be arrived at on an individual basis.

    I believe that each of us has a mate out there. I believe that the journey to find this mate is dangerous, tedious, and tirering. I believe that forces are at work in this world to insure that we don't find our mates, because when that happens another piece of the puzzle falls into place, and knowledge is bestowed on the couple that factions of evil wish to keep from us (meaning the people of the world).

    I believe that the World is not a collection of different nations, but rather a Cooperative of Rulers who have decided certain actions must be taken to keep ALL the people of the world sub-servant to them and their ideas.

    I believe that we all have the capacity to open that door of knowledge, but we focus too often on the things of the world, and what society/religion/government/parents/ect. tells us is suppose to be important. I believe that it is all a part of a greater plan, giving these factions the ability to control the masses.

    I believe that "freedom" is no more than a pacifier that they pass around, again, in an effort to keep us in line.

    I believe that I am the only controler of my life, and that control belongs solely to me, until I give it over to someone else.

    I believe in the validity of the messages put forth by the so called "quacks", "crazies", "pshycos", et. all..... (let me clarify that for those who might not understand. The messages I am talking about, are those that the Government/Government Controlled Media brand as "Conspiracy Theory" type messages. Why if they are just nuts, and their stories have no validity to them, do they work so very hard to make the masses believe that the "crazy" messages is no more than the imagination of someone who has done too many drugs? think about it! LOL)

    I apoligize if my message is beginning to sound like machine-gun chatter.... I have had my ephiphany... and let me tell you, it has shook up my world, and my view on life in general. Everything I was taught, everything I have believed up to this point has been shown to me to be a bad path. I believe that I have a purpose, as do we all, to help others find their own way, in their own time, without interference from others. Each persons path is different, we don't walk together down the same path, but rather our paths run side by side with one another, allowing us to interact, but never to infridge upon the other.

    **many people will deem my writings to be nothing more that the babble of a "dopehead", LOL. That doesn't bother me, it actually saddens me, because those people will never feel the uplifting sense of self that I now enjoy.**
  5. you are so right! But is it all totaly faceshis(Random) or sarendipidis (destiny)?

    I don't know about the Diania Ross thing but

    You are so right just about life and interaction with other you are so on key don't lose heart

    you are awsome girl e_mail me!
  6. Funny, I know now that my passage in life is meant to include other people. I am meant to help others find their path by simply telling of how I came to mine. Free spirited thinking is meant to be shared, and only grows with sharing your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, ect. with others who have the ability to be like minded. It is not about MAKING everyone see your point, it is about simply sharing your point and letting them glean from that whatever will help them the most on their journey.

  7. Beautifull way of putting it.

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