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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by 2313, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Isn't every time we smoke after we are born technically just a wake and bake..........? Like if your referring to time as a whole. Idk I'm just really baked
  2. Thanks for the replies guys!!! Means alot!!!
  3. if u read into quantum physics and the concept of time u realize that it is nonexistence. it was set into place in order to keep shedules and understand the concept of aging. but time itself is not something that can actually be read. if u look at a time scale, time actally exists upon itself. all things happening at once in many different layers, like in tthe movies when a person will see themself as a child teen and baby all in the same room but doing different things. the easiest way to explain it is to compare time to different levels of dimensions. if u go to the poles where the sun doesnt go down for months at a time, no clock or dial, u cant count, nimbers do not exist,  can u actually measure time or just watch urself age in a miror. time is not relevant in any instance but it does not mean that u r always waking and baking. u may not have been sleeping.
  4. Mind fuck....
  5. I'm baked as fuck reading thus and I can't even wrap my fucking mind around that
  6. Seems like perhaps you're a little too baked generally to engage properly right now.
  7. Hop off your pedestal bro

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