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Big Problem

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Greenation, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Well this may read like another "Upcoming drugs test omgzzz help!1" but please hear me out.

    I'm about to start the second phase of training for my job. This involves the practical side so I'll be working in a steelworks. Obviously, I will have to undergo a medical before I get my site pass and this will involve a drugs test. Now I've been told that I'll be starting on the 6th October so I'm assuming the drugs test will be around then.

    I'm confident I'll pass this upcoming drugs test but that isn't going to be the problem. The problem is that the company I'm going to work for always run random drug tests. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this? I've got the mental image of me walking into work one day and me being selected for testing with zero notice and no hope of passing the drug test.

    I know of the strategy of using someone else's clean urine, and it has been noted.

    I have also heard about diluting and taking certain vitamins etc to make a false negative look more convincing. Can anyone shed any light on this?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I think you need to look for a new job.
  3. The job pays well and the weed would be first to go.

    But I don't want that to happen. They must be a way. Or maybe it's wishful thinking?
  4. A place I worked at two years ago had a random drug test, I was soooo nervous when the boss said it... felt like someone just hit me in the chest. And out of the blue a coworker that was like 42 was like "Fuck that, you know NOne of us will pass this shit, Report we were all clean, or go fuck yourself"... well the boss just faked the results and said we were all clean to the headquaters in her report ahaha, not that any of this will help you tho...
  5. Well, there is no guaranty but work out and get your metabolism going, B vitamins help to boost your metabolism as well, and they make your pee yellow the only downside to B vitamins is that they arent very good for you in large doses.

    Drink LOTS of water, (like a gallon a day) and take creatine, because it degrades into creatinine, which is one of the things they test for when seeing if youve been loading water to dilute any drugs in your system.
  6. smoke less...a lot less. if you're smoking > once a week than any thc should be gone in a day or two.

    plus tolerance will drop, allowing for more high with less weed...less weed = less testable time.

    (sorry, 1 handed message....bong in other)
  7. When they say random drug test does it mean I will have no notice whatsoever?

    I mean it's all very well knowing how to fake a negative but if I one day turn up to work unsuspectingly and with weed in my system I'll get clocked by a drugs test? Do you still get notice even on random drug tests?
  8. That's normally how I do it.

    I smoke 5/6 grams every weekend, shared between 2 or 3 of us.
  9. do you take a bag into work with your tools or have a locker? you could leave some piss at work in a sterile container and switch it out from time to time. or mebe find a guy at work who doestn smoke who you could rely on? i dont know man it sounds like you are gonna have problems with this whole random test thing. you should find out if random is really truely random or random with a slight advance (say maybe at least a day, half a day, hour, etc.)

    are they gonna make you drop trow right away, whip it out and piss in a cup as you walk in the door? perhaps. these things one must be certain of. ask a coworker you can trust and see what he's got to say about the whole thing.
  10. Well when I do this drugs test on the 6th October, I'll be able to decide better.

    If I'm sent into a cubicle to piss then I'll use the subsitution tactic.

    It's pissed me off (no pun intended) because there I have no clue why an employer would care if there is THC metabolites in my system? I mean, fair play if I'm high while I'm working, but what I do in my personal life should be my own decision.
  11. when i had to do a drug test for work they gave me notice and sent me to a 3rd party place to do it at... It was a place that my work contracted to piss test people so know one from my work took my piss.

  12. Haha whoever your Co-worker was is a straight BOSS:hello:
  13. I smoked more than a couple times :)() when I was in the army. Talk about STRESS BOMBING. Find a new job or quit smoking for a while.
  14. buy one of those fake dicks.
  15. LOL thats pretty much the tightest thing i've ever heard.

    Oh and someone mentioned B vitamins, monster energy drinks have lots of those, if you get in the habit of drinking one before work, that may help? Its funny though, its hard to stop drinking em once you start. And yet energy drinks are legal and weed isnt...
  16. Wait... if you smoke at all it'll be in your system for about a month not a day or two. Am i misunderstanding this post?

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