Big problem with one of my plants :

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  1. Well, I'm hoping someone can help me out here because I have no clue what this is, lol.
    Should I just go cut this thing off right now, or does it have hope? I don't want whatever this is to spread to my other two healthy plants, and I want to know what to do to make sure this doesn't happen to them as well. Thanks in advance for all the knowledge :)
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  2. did you spray something on it?
  3. Yeah, but I sprayed it on the other 2 plants as well and they're fine. I stupidly sprayed some miracle grow for rhododendrons on them, 30-10-10 NPK. Maybe it was mixed up a little strong, lol.
  4. i just fucked my plants up by spraying at night instead of day with pyrethrin,,,was your plant fine before u sprayed it??
  5. Yeah it was awesome.
  6. that sucks bro. did u try and wash the leaves off???

  7. That sums it up! Tard Alert!

  8. VooDoom, the only thing I'm not understanding, maybe because I am too retarded, is that why are the other two plants completely fine?
  9. thats weird the other ones are ok
  10. That is a head scratcher why 2 are fine and the other is not. Are they different strains? MG fertillizer for Rhodees is slightly acidic - good for rhodees, blueberries, and other acid loving plants. Perhaps the water/fert concentration was too much for your one plant. It should bounce back if it's a fert issue; leaves will eventually fall off and new growth should appear. Keep us posted.
  11. MG products are BAD for MJ. You are aware there are nutes geared specifically towards MJ. Flush the shit out of em, and watch the new growth. already looks like new growth is good. Ease off the nutes. and get some REAL nutes! Skimpin on nutes now will diminish your yield and potency!

  12. Maybe the one that looks bad was sprayed a little more than the others?

    Maybe the other 2 arent as nute sensitive, luckily for you.

    Maybe the Gods are smiling on you

    Maybe your just a tard so count your blessings:smoke:

  13. Lol yeah, they're all in chicken shit for the vegative cycle. What would I need besides bonemeal for flowering? Can I just topdress the bonemeal?
  14. Something else I wanted you guys to check out is, check out my supercropping locations. Are they in good spots?
  15. You can top dress or make a tea, remember though...bone meal attracts animals
  16. True, that's one thing (knock on wood) that I haven't had any problems with this year yet. I'm on a pretty tight budget though. jPinkham, what is there in the area that's pretty decent, that's not gonna rape my pockets besides bonemeal?
  17. If your growing chemicals then any phosphorus based liquid you have a hydro store nearby?
  18. Those leaves are an extremely dark green for MJ. They should be more of an emerald green, almost a nice lime green. You didn't mix the spray properly, it was way to strong for that plant, some of the fertilizer didn't get evenly distributed in the water, and this plant got too much nitrogen. Dont fertilize this plant again until the leaves return to a normal color, and then i wouldn't recommend foliar feeding again. In my area, where it's very humid, spraying anything on my plants gives them mildew.

    Also, MiracleGrow, since its just so shitty, will probably leave a residue on the plant, that you would be smoking later on. Its not a good idea. Please respect your own body and just buy some quality organics. It'll be worth it in the long run.

    Good luck, and keep us updated on your plants.
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    Jamesonc, your plant has leaf septoris or more commonly known as leaf blight. That plant will die and the others will as well unless you act ASAP - today. Go to the hardware store or home improvement store/ nursery and buy SPECTRICIDE IMMUNOX ALL PURPOSE FUNGICIDE.

    Spray under the leaves and on top - get a very good cover and 7 days later, provide another application. Use 2 ozs per gallon of water.

    You cant cure septoris once the plant has the disease. Immunox can provide some control of it and hopefully prevent it from harming the other plants to badly, but until you start the treatments its hard to forecast the effectiveness. The disease if fairly easy to prevent, but impossible to cure once the plants contract the disease.

    Act fast. The real problem with septoris is its fast acting nature. If you screw around and try ineffective treatments such as neem, your plants will be dead. Septoris is a systemic fungus and once the plants have it, only a systemic will provide any relief. Daconil is also effective against the disease but its a contact killer- not a systemic.

    I willl post a link that will allow you to read much more.
  20. Yo Ch, I'm not sure if what James' plant has is leaf blight. Drooping plants like what is shown in the pics looks like something else. Plants with leaf blight usually show signs of necrosis or browning spots, however they normally possess enough turgor pressure to remain errect.

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