Big problem today with my guerilla...please help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DJzChillin420, May 15, 2011.

  1. So today I went to dig my holes and I ran into a big problem. Took all my soil out there, shovel etc and it's in a grassy/ thorny field in the middle of the woods...well the problem is the dirt is this really compact and rock filled red soil. And when I say rock filled, I mean tons of small and really large rocks plus lots of roots and it seems to flood there a little when it rains. Great spot though otherwise. Took about a half hour to dig 1x1x1...should I just use pots instead??? I'm afraid once the plants use all my soul they will get stuck in the clay and rocks. Plus don't want to shovel for 5 hours 6 holes.
  2. Do pots. If it does flood hopefully you can move them then.
  3. clay isn't always a problem, but the rocks might be. the soil is always the most important part of the plant, so you might be better off using pots. are there other types of plants growing around the site? if those plants can grow, i'd expect weed to grow too
  4. This isn't really a flood prone area. It's up on top of a hill so pots definitely won't be a problem. Only reason there is so much standing water now is because I'm in PA and we have had 8 inches of rain in the last 4 weeks. The 1x1x1 I dug was filled with water by the time I was done lugging in all my soil. Man, talk about a workout lugging in 4 3.8 cubic bags of soil through 1/2 mile of woods and thorns lol. I'm spent.
  5. The only other plants growing around are thick thorns and grass...great area but found out it's terrible soil.
  6. It's like that here in the midwest too. Tons of rain lately. Ground water is like 2" below grade. Too wet to even put my plants out yet. Also too cold. Weather this year sucks!
  7. I hear ya bro. Weather does suck. I'm just gonna do pots just because of the water and also how hard it was getting through those rocks with the shovel. How much will I have to water the plants in pots? I'm using a mixture of organic peat moss mix and organic top soil.
  8. If you do 5 gal. pots. Depending on weather when it is dry you can prob.get away with once a week if you soak them. Don't quote me on that though.
  9. 5 gallon pots should be enough right? My seeds won't even be in until early next week. Ordered from Attitude on the 4th. Got 5 feminized Nothern Lights plus one free female Blue Widow. I won't even be putting them outside until probably first or second week of June so I figure they probably won't grow too big for the 5 gallon since I'm starting late. Does that sound right? Haven't done much bucket planning research since I was planning on putting them in the ground...
  10. Just ordered from Nirvana too. Got bubblicious. All germed. Good luck this season.
  11. Thanks, you too bud. Thanks for all the advice too. Do you think 5 gallon buckets will for sure be enough?
  12. If you can def. go larger. Just gets hard to move if needed. MJ is like goldfish the bigger the tank or pot the bigger the fish. Ifyou know what I mean.
  13. Just went to Home Depot. I think I'm gonna buy 6 25 quart containers. That is 6.1 gallons each and should be plenty.

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