BIG problem please help.

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    After less than 1,000 hrs of a 50,000 hr expected life my led has failed, it just quit working overnight. Home Grown Hydroponics will do nothing to help me. after paying them 400 dollars to buy it 4 months ago they wont even admit i bought it from them.
    I will never use led again. So I am thinking about replacing the led with a 200w cfl 6400k. heat is a big problem so i think it rules out metal hydride. this is for my vegging cabinet ( flowering is done in a seperate cabinet under an hps) good idea/ bad idea, your comments are welome

    this is the light i am thinking about using and the main questions i have are...will this fit a standard light socket and how long should it last.

    SunBlaster Compact Fluorescent 200w 6400K
  2. sucks about the LED. Maybe some electrical wizard around here can walk you through a repair?

    That seems steep to me man but idk, at that price it better have the ballast built in so yeah it should screw into a regular socket.

    If I were you, I would probably go to wal-mart or something and buy a bunch of cheaper smaller ones, but if its not a money thing, go for it man, one big one is probably cooler than a bunch of little ones.

  3. money is not a problem...doing it right the first time is what i want.I have already spent including the led about 1500 bucks . the led was an experiment that went horibly wrong.
    i bought the led because of the temp problems in that cabinet. for that it worked. i think if i go to the 200 it should give me enough power and spread to do 2 plants. but the way my setup works once turned on it might be a couple of years before i shut it off. my system is designed to grow assembly line style. when a plant goes to the flowering cabinet , there are rooted cuttings ready to replace it. I set it up this way so i would have control of what i am smoking and eliminate the hunt when i get low.

    ps it does have a built in balast.
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    No clue how long that thing will last, I checked with a buddy of mine that has huge ass cfl's like that, I do not know their specific wattage but they look just like that, anyway his only run 24/7 for 1 month every 3 months, and 12/12 the other 2 months, he said he has not replaced them in the year and a half since he got that setup. Edit: I called him back, they are 150's

    I dont know if CFL's are the same, but most light bulbs (incandescent, mh, hps I know of) experience most of their wear on start up. So maybe that balances out the difference in "on time".
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    had to but a socket...uses the same one as my hps. 239 bucks with reflector. god i hope this finally straightens things wife is very unhappy with what i have spent. (i still believe i will get it back by not spending 80 bucks a week) that freakin thing is huge.......i will set it up in the morning...i have them under my floros for tonight.

    Thanks for the feedback...greatly appreciated.

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