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big problem need some helpful info

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zidane Tribal, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. so i got my medical card first of all but here's my story
    so all the drains in the bathroom are clogged the toilet keeps backing up and such
    and i need a plumber but my pipes are right outside my locked grow room and im worried the plumber might get the wrong idea about the smell so should i let him down there or figure something else out i'm currently coming off a harvest and it smells very strong down there what should i do tell him before hand or not say anything or what i know i'm legal but i still don't want to involve the cops :confused:
  2. Im gonna reply because nobody else has, and it's not fair for you to be left in the lurk matey.

    I personally would let him work on the pipes, while acting normal. Ignore the smell. If you recognise him notice the smell or if he asks, tell him and show him your medical card. Explain your story. He should understand, even if he doesn't partake himself.

    At the end of the day, we are ALL humans.

    However, if he does go to the police, then chill because like you said you're legally growing...right?

    :) Peace
  3. Why's a plumber going to care about your marijuana usage/growing? He's there to fix pipes, not call the cops because he "detected a marijuana-like odour". Sure if he found a body he'd probably call the cops, but the guy's a plumber - he probably smokes pot too.
  4. This, yeah you should be fine OP.
  5. he is most likely not going to get in trouble a paying customer
  6. Hey man I wouldn't sweat it. If anything just crack a wise- guy joke and make him laugh about it. It's marijuana.....not a meth lab :smoke:
  7. if it's a legal grow, there's nothing to worry about.

    even if it wasn't legal, what incentive does a plumber have to rat you out to the police? unless he's extremely anti-marijuana (which could be quite possible), he's not gonna call the cops on you even if he saw your grow. and if he only smells it... so what? plus, he's working for you. it'd be bad business to have customers arrested.
  8. Put yourself in their shoes, if I was a plumber and smelled weed I'd ask to be tipped in nugs
  9. #9 lFourTwenty, Dec 31, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, 2012
    If you're that worried about it just ask if he wants to smoke one lol

    Edit; he's a plumber not a cop
  10. The guy smells shit for a living all day. It would probably be refreshing to smell something otherwise.
  11. Lol you got a good fuckin point there
  12. Pay him in buds:p
  13. well the plumber came and he had his card too we exchanged numbers and i even showed him my stuff he showed me pics of his garden he wants to trade clones so it all worked out
    but thanks for the replies and suggestions
  14. Legal grow, no prob. But why not just cook something spicy like Thai food just before he comes over!
  15. Lol told you everybody smokes bro, even your mama does. Ask her :)

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