BIG PROBLEM > male plant in my garden!! PLEASE HELP!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by I love Kush, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. okay so this morning me and my wife go to chck on the ladies like we always do , my wife by accident brakes off an entire branch off one of my plants, it was topped so she broke off one of the the 4 tops! yes i almost killed her ! but before i did i notice that this plant is a HERMI!!! it has pollin sacks and seem to be already open !!
    So now this plant that is more than 4 weeks into flowering has probably pollinated my entire garden ! so what do i do now ? will it f**** up my entire garden ?

    Should i leave it outdoor untill its ready or just harvest this plant now ?

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  2. Yea bro if it pollinated already and has pollen everywhere then you should either destroy it and throw it away or keep it far far away from your girls as possible

  3. Yea i already have it away from my girls , if it already pollitnated my girls how bad is it really? will it mess with my qaulity alot or wieght ?
  4. Also make sure no pollen drifts onto your other girls and pollinated them too, so check every plant everyday to make sure you see no male flowers at all and if you do, hurry up and clip the flower off before it has time to pollinate more
  5. It's definitely gonna hurt your yield/weight, be cause once it's pollinated , it's gonna stop producing growth to the flowers and it will start producing seeds and more seeds and more seeds lol
  6. This late in the game you might as well keep em all and seed pick. The sex has already taken place. watch for nanners.
  7. ill just throw this in to the mix.... i had a plant for a few years and made hundreds of clones off her. she would pop out the odd male flower everytime she was in deep flower. i never had anything pollinated by her, not once. so not every male flower is capable of pollinating

    obviously there is some risk there but your so far gone in to the cycle it would be a shame to bin all that now. i would probably pluck the male flowers out and see how it goes

    do you have any upcoming seeds forming?
  8. I have not seen any seeds growing in any of my plants But ill keep looking out for it. I decided just to take her out and harvest it now, i dont have anywere else i can flower her so i cut it trimed it and is now drying...

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