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  1. I built a bubble bucket today the BIg POPPA PUFF WAY. I have a Lowryder sprout 2 days old. Plant was started in Jiffy pot, then moved to a pot with rocks sorrounding it. Here are some pics.
    First I painted bucket black then I wrapped duct tape around it. I didnt like how easy the paint came off so thats why I wrapped duct tape around it.
    Pic 2 is a regular pot that I drilled a bunch of tiny holes in no net pots around here.
    Pic 3 is the air erator.
    Pic 4 is 2 day old Lowryder
    Pic 5 is 2 hours later He or She is real perky now.
    I also didnt have room in my veg Cabinets and I had room in my Flower Closet so I put it in there and the lights that I have in there are a 250hps and a 42 CFL about 12 inches above Lowryder. The Light schedule is 14/10 they say Lowryders can grow on any light schedule well lets see. Im open for any suggestions.
    Thanks Dale

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  2. Not much changed here.

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  3. Ok I took plant out of bloom closet, put it in a Mills Pride Cabinet that is my Veg Cabinet right now. The light cycle is on 18/6 and I bought some gravel rock from Walmart it looks better. Im going to use Sweet Botanicare Pro Plus for Nutes, I havent recieved them yet but were shipped Monday. I got a feeling this will be a pain in the neck because it takes so much PH Down to get my PH right. My PH is 7.5 out of faucet and I have a Filter and I also let water sit for 2 days. Well Here's Day 3 pic.


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  4. Lookin' good Big P. I like the second picture with the leaves behind the plants :D.

  5. HIGH All, hey Jr I would have made the holes bigger on your pot....don't know about your rocks...must dry out really fast. Here's what I use and they cost like 50cents. For your next grow you should think about Hydrostones and the such.

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  6. Yes I have pots on the way and stones. I drilled them small wanting to use Perlite but I scratched that idea when the perlite went on through I needed biger perilite.

    Thanks Dale:wave:
  7. As far as ph goes since your only growing one bucket.. Buy reverse osmosis water from wal-mart for 64 cents a gallon (you can get this pretty much anywhere but walmart is 25 cents cheaper LOL).. This will be your best money spent.. With the pure blend nutes I'm pretty sure you'll be close to dead on when using the reverse o water.. this will also help big time with ph swing mid cycle
  8. What section in Walmart would I find this???

    Thanks Dale
  9. Unfortuanatly I work at Wally World : ( But, you can usually find the machines that dispense great water up by customer service and the registers. Good Luck. I would also try getting a Pure Water Faucet in the hardware section. Takes a long time to fill up buckets but it is cheaper in the long run and you won't have to carry huge tanks off water into your house all the time. Not reverse osmosis though...but gets rid of about 99.99% of the crap in your water. Just adjust PH to suit your taste.
  10. So your talking about purefied drinking water????

    Thanks Dale
  11. Well, the only machine at our store is labeled for drinking water but I imagine it can be used for anything. The Pur water faucet I use filters 100 gallons or more each and costs about 12 bucks for each cartridge. Like I said reverse osmosis, but about as pure as you can get when it comes to tap water. Takes EVERYTHING out. Even the minerals that are good for you if you buy the right one. I am willing to bet that it would work just as well. Of course this is just my opinion. If somebody on here with more experience tells you otherwise than by all means go with what they say :)

    P.S.-I have not tested the PUR water facucet for PH levels if thats what you are specifically looking a bottle of PH Up and PH Down will fix it if needed. Try a fish store if you don't wanna order it.
  12. Sweet dale, lookin good. How long have you been at growing?


    P.S. what in the hell ever happend to good ol Big Poppa? Haven't seen him in AGES

  13. I have a Pur faucet. It make great drinking water, but my plants didn't like it. I have high calcium levels in my water and the pur filter doesn't remove it. I kept wondering why my ph in my soil kept getting higher. I switched to Walmart distilled water and my plants love it
  14. Thanks for chiming in man, glad you did before he took my advice and killed his babies :)
  15. seriously though, a R/O water system for your kitchen is less than $300. Well worth it to not have to go BUY water. Especially with gas at $3 a gallon.
  16. Ok plant got clay rocks today and it's first dose of nutes.

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  17. Ok Today as you can see in pics that the Lowryder in bubble bucket is almost as big as the Lowryder in Pro Mix. The Lowryder in Pro Mix is 2 weeks older. Only thing I see is the oldest one has a thicker stalk.
    Thanks Dale:hello:

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  18. Well it looks like it's a Male. That didnt take long for it to show balls.:mad:
    Thanks Dale

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