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  1. I'm a newbie, I have 4 White Widow plants aprox. 37" above soil in a closet grow 31/2' x3'x8' tall. plants vegetated for 30 days, have been on 12/12 for 2 weeks and are growing pistils everywhere, under 400hps. Plants were grown from seeds. My question is; how tall can these monsters get? How much yield? When I plant the final 3 seeds, how can I keep them short? thanks for the help!
  2. Plants can double to triple in size during flowering. Yield is based on so many different variables, it's nearly impossible to give an accurate measurement.

    When you plant your final seeds, look into Low Stress Training.
  3. I may use Bushmaster to slow verticle growth. I heard it does a good job.
  4. bush master work's pretty good and lst is a great idea..
  5. Thought about lst but the plants are 37" tall, very thick stems and really don't have space to lst. Bushmaster may be a last resort. These ladies are big.
  6. better use it now...
    don't wait any longer..then after it start's really taking effect, flower them joker's
  7. He's been flowering them for 2 weeks. At this rate, I would guess they finish at just under 6'. If you think you can't LST now, you really won't have any control in another 2 weeks. I suggest supercropping>LST at this point.
  8. lol ya i missed that lol
    f'kn kush is hittin hard today:smoke:
    ya that bushmaster really need's to be used a few week's before flowering then cut it off after about a week or two of flower..that's all i was gettin at..
  9. @ 2 weeks into flower your girls are probably done with "the stretch" ...
  10. i think the stretch is over also. my 2 foot ww went to 3 foot. the :ww is not rated as a huge producer------but great smoke!!:D:smoke:
  11. Hit the ladies with Bushmaster, would have super cropped but didn't have the room. 4 big plants in a 31/2' x3' space. Grew from seeds so I had no idea how fast and big they were gonna be. Tons of fuzzy white pistils starting to clump into bud formations. Should have a decent yield. Should I prune the bottoms since they won't be getting much light? Thanks for your thoughts. :)
  12. look into lollipopping
  13. i tend to trim off anything that the canopy almost completely covers,bout 21 days into flowering, good time to try monster cloning with what you are gonna trim, definitely makes the upper buds denser and weigh more, you can always leave the stuff at the bottom and throw some cfls down there but it still won't plump them up much unless you do a staggered harvest, top first then bottom week or two later
  14. hahhahahhahahahah you think thats big my last grow my biggest plant was at ahrvest was 9 feet tall indoors. they were flowerd when they were 4-5 fett tall and were sativas if you have indicas about a 2 feet depending on space and light ouput 400 hps about 2 feet. i had 6 15 gallon pots all over 4 feet tall into flowering under 1 1000 watt bulb.

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