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  1. I have growen hydro before and have had good luck.I have plants in my hydro system now that are out of control,They are about 5 feet tall and real bushey,They have been in my hydro system 7 weeks and are just showing signs of budding,I have never seen anything like this.The stalk coming out of my bucket is about 2" in dia. Will my plants take longer to bud because there are so big.Any one have any answers,these thing are  (HUGH)

  2. Nah man plant size doesn't determine flowering time
  3. you better start bending her over so if you have her in door, 5ft just start flower she be a giant :)
  4. May 1 plants looks to have seeds all over it ,Not sure.I have pics of it but don't know to post the image
  5. click more reply option in the reply box and attach the image
  6. Here is a pic of my plant

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  7. Yea man that plant is defo a dude, I'd get him outa there before he starts jizzing all over ur ladies pmsl.
  8. yea man, those are male genitals lol. he is worthless unless its a good strain and u plan to keep the pollen to fertalize a girl one day
  9. Hay thanks for the info.I thought it was a male but wasn't sure.I took it out,hope I'm not  to late.
    My other plants have small buds all over.Do you think there will be ok ?
  10. are the small buds developing more and more trichs or not so much trichs? if they continues to develop more trichs then you are on the right path, if not,then the chances are they could be developing seeds
  11. Hay thanks for the info, will check tomorrow.

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