Big plants small buds?

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  1. I am having an issue where my giant plants have really tiny buds. My smaller plants have huge buds on them. I am a newer grower and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Will giving them more nutrients get them a lot bigger? I attached pics of both the big buds on the little plants and the small ones on the big plants.

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  2. For the smaller nugs, are the stems thicker or thinner than the thicker buds on the smaller plants?
  3. Talking about the stem where the bud sites are at, not the trunk
  4. Talking about the stem where the bud sites are at, not the trunk
  5. The stems are thinner on the larger plants
  6. how are the trichomes they may take a little to fatten up and the seeds are only gonna be as good as its genetics and they could possibly be unstable
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  7. Clones? Seeds? What strain(s) are we seeing here?
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  8. Seedlings. 24k gold, cherry bomb, and gorilla bomb. All from attitude seeds
  9. Brother...... What is happening is your plant with "bigger" nugs started to flower earlier than the plant with "smaller" nugs. Your plant with smaller nugs is a sativa leaning plant, and will take till the end of Oct to finish.

    Your plant is super hungry though, think about feeding the big girl something soon.
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  10. There u go man, that's your answer. Bigger plants don't always put out bigger buds ESPECIALLY if you top too close to the transition. It's basically diffusing the energy on your bigger plant. Thinner stems make smaller buds when talking about the same strain
  11. Not saying u topped but for others with bigger plants that's one way to shrink size of nugs.
  12. What he said. Different flower times.

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  13. What he said.
  14. you ll be fine lot of time left,
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