big plants = big buds

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  1. Here is my first outdoor grow. They are both Blueberry from clones, I usually grow indoors but stuck these two out too check out the differences. First I have harvested 2 indoor crops since they were started with an average yield of 1 ½ oz per plant.I topped them both when they were about 12 inches tall. I'm hopping to get maybe ½ lb out of the 2. With bigger tighter buds :D . I can't wait to try it. I'll keep updating I think that they have about another month but I'll have to watch the weather.

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  2. they look very nice.....

  3. smoke up those beautiful herbs
  4. Those look so nice, i would love to smoke some blunts of that shit
  5. Nice! Wish I could put pots out behind the house... they'd get snatched so fast here it wouldn't even be funny :/

    Enjoy the smoke!
  6. Those crops look pretty healthy and look to be growing at a considerable height. Norsman, it seems like you have kept them well grown. You deserve the fruits of your labor, so enjoy. Just be sure to puff a big fat joint of that Blueberry for me brother. :smoke:
  7. u must have them in a really nice spot where they resive alot of sun.... my stays mall since i got to hide it from the ghetto birds witch mean they dont recive my sun light as they suppose too...... plants looks lovely...........

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