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  1. sorry, but i just couldnt help but post this picture. i almost had a heart attach when i saw the size of this thing. post any other big plant pictures you find here. lets see who can find the biggest one!:p

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  2. I believe thats more then one plant... if you go to overgrow make sure to look at mazar's gallery that spanyerd can grow some plants... also do you have any plants right now hippie john?
  3. how about this?

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  4. might be, thats one big bunch of plants! yeah, i have a mother, and another mother thats gonna end up going into 12/12 next week.

  5. can you say.....schwag! heh :D
  6. Thats a huge plant hippie john..outdoor plants are some of the biggest.
    Here's a large indoor plant grown under a 400w lamp.
    Dutch passion purple star at about 70 days.

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  7. LOL and is is smal comperd to mine my one plant is 5m wide
    and 3,4 m hige and 33cm steam but u gott it werry good work

  8. LOL this is the right side take one today of Left side lets see som steams all and iff u all had now where i live u wood not belive this im inn the mountain inn Norway and is has beean
    -1,7 degrees cold out but not inn greanhouse :HALLO:

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  9. This steam pic is four weeks old , today it is 32 centimeters

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  10. 4 weeks?that pretty fuckin big


  11. and now they are going to svell out and get real bigg

    and u all see what cold do to the plant loock at the triosoms
    they are so big i se them werry clear
    40c at day time and 5 to 15c at night the triosoms just pop out like bugs ..
    and seads are yust at round not in inn core it has bean stiky to my clots

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  12. i've seen that plant on over grow too

  13. Not My tree then them have taken my pic not a -----
    hell my garden is bobytrapt so no one can take a pic if im not there
    i have 2 dogs to and they will eate u 2stk 70kg rotwailer,s

    yust say what u want my tree is bigger than anny pic u can come opp wid only them ho have not toped the plant have a higher plant not bigger LOL give me a pic of somthing bigger
    . And what are the type u have my is Nhortonlight and silverhase or skunk numberone was male for 3 years ago

    Butt all the plants here i will cal tree,s good woork all and u will have a hell of harvest

  14. LOL that was just what i ment too!!! not my best side

    and im so stoned to LOL
  15. Gawd damn Tita, when I seen the size of that plant I swear I was clinically dead for 10 seconds, then when I came to I had 3 heart attacks! Jeesh, I wish I could grow something like that :( HAVE to post your final dry weight when harvest comes around, hehe..

    P.S. Gawd I love your accent, I love to read your posts its like reading an encription, hehe..

  16. four weeks old? in dirt? who you kidding? but it is a big one.

  17. pic is 4 weeks stupid u cam use the head or?????

    and whwr is a bigger steam com on sow me if u can ha ha ha ha ha ha it is biggest i the w........
  18. do you have another user on overgrow? cause i say tons of the same pictures your posting.

    yeah, the picture was from 4 weeks ago. thats why he said "4 weeks old, today it is 32cm.
  19. Wow! That IS a goddamn tree! Lookin awesome!

  20. Thank :D
    well lett us see if they can post som more on overgrow it,s my tree........... HE HE no pic,s only here first then they can copy LOL butt the real thing is here SMILER :D

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