Big plans for a fridge freezer.

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    Okay, I have read quite a bit but lack experience and wisdom of an experienced grower, so I thought I'd post up my plans and get a few suggestions and feedback.

    I stole the idea for using the freezer of a combined fridge/freezer unit for mother/clone veg and the fridge part for flowering and maybe turning the light off in the fridge and stringing stuff up in there to dry afterwards because I don't know how else I'd dry it without it smelling.
    The good thing is that I'd have clones vegging at the same time as other plants are flowering, so I can easily veg for 8 weeks.

    Okay, here are some things I need help with...
    -CFL vs HPS. I was thinking CFL for such a confined space otherwise I might have heat issues, plus I'd be working with very limited height.
    -Could (and should) I fit 4 plants in flower and 4 clones and a mother in veg in a fridge/freezer? I'd be using LST to keep the height down.
    -For keeping smell out and temperature down I'd want to use a fan with a carbon filter... How strong a fan would I want?

    Anything I missed or need to think about? I'll think about nutes and soil etc closer to the time. I'd like to keep it a stealth grow just because I don't like risks... but is there a way that you'd say would be better (easier/cheaper/better results)?

    Look forward to hearing back from you guys... sorry I'm such a noob :p
  2. I would go with the CFL to maximize your space and minimize your heat. As for a cooling fan i'd just use an HVAC 6" or 8" inline fan which you can duct straight to your carbon filter. They are cheap and to keep the noise down you can wire them into a dimmer switch to turn the speed down a bit. An 8" fan at half speed makes very little noise. If it was me I wouldn't run more than 1 or 2 plants in there but that is just me. I like a few big plants instead of a lot of little ones. With a sealed enviornment like that you could add a simple co2 system, cycle your exhaust fan, and get some pretty sweet additional results too :smoking:
  3. Keep us posted on the fridge idea, I'd like to see how it goes. That's clever!!:)
  4. Thanks form the feedback!
    I figured as much on the cfls... Basically my friend is going flatting in 2 months because his parents are going away and he sort of has no choice... That's the earliest it could really happen and even then we might have to wait until another one of us (3 of us planning this) moves out, too...

    One of the 3 of us in on this plan thinks we should go for HPS in the fridge... I told him about how it's expensive, there are heat problems and you need them to be quite far from the plants... but he still thinks HPS. He also thinks he can wire up a circuit that he can use instead of a ballast for the light. Something about that strikes me as a really bad idea, but I don't want to underestimate him either, lol.

    4 plants was just me being greedy I suppose... but I guessed that a decent result would be in the vicinity of 1oz/plant... We don't always smoke quite as much as that, but we did kill an ounce together in just a few days one time... figured it'd be better to err on the side of too much weed than not enough =P

    Thanks guys, keep it coming!
    (and Tex, that's exactly what I thought when I saw someone post up the idea... it's all white inside, airtight and with good sized sections... Why couldn't I think of that myself?)

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