Big ol Joint

Discussion in 'General' started by seekup, May 18, 2004.

  1. got 10grams for cheap, so i put an 1/8th in it

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  2. the aftermath

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  3. That's a big 'ol hooter for sure! Looks like ya had fun. :D I'm moving this to the General forum. This picture post forum is for pictures of buds and grows, no worries. :)
  4. a whole eight in one sitting.......thats pretty sweet

    and that j looks great!
  5. how long did that bad boy last ya?

    i've got 'the kiss' poster too.. mm
  6. me and 4 buddies of mine were taking about three hits at a time..... and it went around proly like 6 or 7 times
  7. you no what the weed was called?

    must b pretty good u look FUCKED up

    seen worse though
  8. haha, you got the red eye bro, its funny as hell to see people walk in with the red eye....i get it to though
  9. Damn, you look pretty fucked up. lol
  10. damn your eyes are so bitched :p
    For some reason my eyes don't get red at all, but they like close :D haha

    My friends are like "Yo, you sleeping"

    Pretty much I just look at them " Wtf are you talking about "

    Ya my eyes get REALLY BITCHED just not red :p
  11. nice big j

    last time i smoked an 8th i was couchlocked for hours

    it was great
  12. that aftermath title made my day..

    "The Joint"


    "The Aftermath"

    it was like a movie where they show the titles of the sort of chapters.. e.g. pulp fiction, amores perros, the meaning of life...
  13. yeah dude, all a sudden i see you holding a big j, then it is gone and your eyes are so drooping and blazed.

    Was that a prerolled cone, or just s well rolled J???
  14. it was a cone.......... im really really lazy these days
  15. I haven't had one like that since mid winter. I usually use the cones for shake, works good

    ...yeah if I'm just sitting around bored as shit, my eyes get so shut looking people think I'm asleep. But other than that I just look high
  16. I totally know were ur comin from dude me and my friends made a rediculose joint one day but just to give u a idea..... if ur a pothead than u have seen this movie... Cheech and Chong up in smoke.... but the joint we rolled was like the one he pulled out in the movie.... That was a great day... I was burnt stupid...... Cool shit.... MJ rules!!!!!
  17. your eyes are awesome in the second picture, haha. and i see you're a dave fan. good times.
  18. holy shit! i want that
  19. buddy thumbs up to your rolling skills if that wasnt a premade tube but anyways if it was still good job on making me laugh my ass off with a before and after shot :D.... cheers bud
  20. Rock on!


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