Big nugget

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by R.O.C Bud, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. This a beauty, triple bagged for stench protection

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  2. Another pic. Cam died and couldnt take width picture. but close to 1 1/2 in thick.

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  3. damn thats a huge ass fuckin nug...niiicee :)
  4. Wow man thats one mouth watering nugget!
  5. Very Nice R.O.C. Bud that nug looks very mouthwatering [​IMG]

  6. Sounds like the best idea i have heard in a long time :D
  7. Heres a closer pic. My friends smoking a fat joint wit us, who never smokes!

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  8. hell dude, good way to start out!
  9. Mmmm... I like'a the sauce!
  10. Yeah we did why? We had to give some of the people who helped us get our growing done. Very potent bud! We have some grow pics... :hello:
  11. post um please, i wanna see that shit :)
  12. cot damn! that thing looks dense as hell... how many grams is that heavyweight sheeeeesh
    looks like a fuckin rock =P

    :: drools ::

    I LVOE YOU!!!!1!! OMG LOVE ME 2222

    Haha nice job man.

    You should've done a grow journal!
  14. Heres a few grow pix!
    This first pic is of Northern Lights.

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  15. This next is White Rhino...turned out beautiful. :D We have some more pix too if anyone is interested!

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  16. You need to post some pics when harvest time comes around Bud it will be a treat :D
  17. hey what does the ROC stand for in ur name?
    what plant did that bud come off of?
  18. We'll do that next time around! We're starting a journal with our 19 new sprouts. We've learned alot from our first crop, whut to do and not to do. And ROC is short for Rochester, NY. Hense, R.O.C Bud.

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  19. how many grams was that fucking bud, you should have just put a newspaper around it and smoked a fat ass blunt or something HAHA
  20. It was 12 grams! :wave:

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