BIG Noob Mistake? Am I F**ked?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cjpurps, May 20, 2010.

  1. Hi there! Im a first time grower and an EXTREME noob to most things cannabis. I have 3 bag-seed seedlings growing, approximately 3 1/2 weeks from seed (germinated last week of april.) I have them all growing in a closet, clustered around a CFL, with another flourescent tube a few feet higher (its stuck there so don't tell me to move it closer) All was going fine, with 2 nodes growing nicely on each plant...UNTIL...

    I got a little carried away and topped all of my plants right after the 2nd node. Apparently thats just a bit premature (I SWEAR this never happens:eek:)

    In my defense, I was a bit misinformed about "nodes" (i thought topping after the 4th or 5th node meant the 4th or 5th leaf...not pair of leaves.) Of course if i werent so impulsive I wouldve further researched this and found that I was completely wrong.

    Am I f*cked? or can this be remedied with a little TLC?
  2. Topping your plants wasn't the best idea. (good thing you're using bag seed)

    They should be okay. Don't over water em and just let them be.
  3. You probably stunted your growth quite a bit with that move.

    But your plants don't have enough light anyway. I bet they're stretching like hell. If you can't move that light, move your plants to the light.
  4. I was afraid so. As far as the lights go, they really arent stretching that much. I have the biggest cfl i could find only a few inches away...and the stalks seem to be fine. Although i did have a slight problem with it at first (when i was trying to use the light thats stuck on the cieling...which i did try to bring the plants closer to, without much luck)

    im gonna buy another light soon anyway...fortunately i do think i have enough time to vegetate these so that any stunted growth can be helped, although im paranoid as all hell about it.

    i can post pics in a bit if someone wants to look at my setup and point out any mistakes?
  5. Sure, pics say a thousand words.

    This is why you learn with bagseed rather than bought seeds :) I would say get that other light and start over.
  6. You may spend too much time getting those to veg to a decent size now.

    Might wanna germ a few more when ya get the extra light.
  7. Alright I just tripled my wattage...I originally had a 30 watt cfl and a soft white tube (which was so far away im not even considering it as a light.) I just added another 30, and 2 more 15 watt cfls.

    The 2 30 watt bulbs are as close as i can get them to the plants (1-3 inches) with the 15's being a little farther away (up to 12") , but with directional reflectors. Hopefully this will help my growth a bit...

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