Big Moe suffered a MASSIVE heart attack, not looking good

Discussion in 'General' started by Invictis, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Big Moe(one of the members of the SUC) had a massive heart attack on Sunday, and is in critical condition. Damn this shit is so damn sad; DJ Screw, fat pat, hawk, and now Big Moe...The ***** drank way too much lean, he was sipping everyday, but he was already big as hell so lean isn't the only thing that caused his heart attack, although it probably didn't do him much good.

    "Big Moe, born Kenneth Moore, suffered a massive heart attack on Sunday October 7. He is currently hospitalized, and some early reports have even stated that the rapper did not survive - though this is not confirmed.
    An original Screwed Up Click member, the Houston, Texas rapper debuted with his 2000 album City of Syrup.
    In 2002, Big Moe released Purple World, his sophomore album best known for the song "Purple Stuff."
    The Screwed Up Click originally consisted of rappers such as Fat Pat, Big Hawk, Botany Boyz, Z-Ro, Trae, Lil' Flip, Lil' O as well as others. Fat Pat and Big Hawk, brothers, were murdered in Houston, while DJ Screw (founder of the rap collective) died from overdosing on codeine and cough syrup.
    "It's sad to see another member of the legendary S.U.C. in an unfortunate situation," said Houston radio personality Crisco Kidd.
    "I know the homie is gonna pull through, he's a solider. The world needs to say a prayer for my bro, my teammate, my click member and on behalf of Houston and the South we love him. Recognize him now, don't wait till someone is gone to recognize them," said S.U.C. member Trae."


    I know most of you probably don't know/care about the SUC or Houston rap(a few people like KSR will), but please keep all rude comments to yourself; the SUC is one thing I take very seriously, bangin screw all day everyday. I really really hope big moe pulls through, if not it's just another BIG loss for the SUC.
  2. damn the SUC is cursed, Screw, Fat Pat, Big Mello, HAWK, and now Moe

    i cant say im say im surprised tho, dude was pushing 500lbs and had a lean addiction
  3. yeah fa sho. it was mainly the 500 lbs part though that caused the heart attack, everyone is like "damn that ***** just drank too much lean" which is true but it was due moreso to his weight problem. eating KFC smoking/leaning all day, cant live that life forever.
  4. yeah, I remember seeing big moe for my first time and my first words were holy shit.haha, but I love his style of smooth, slow relaxing raps, sounds very nice on codine and bud. Pull through BIG MOE!
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  5. Thanks for posting that song I haven't heard it in so long.</P>
  6. he's fat, it's his fault, i don't feel sorry for him. Not Accepted! -Bliz
  7. Keep comments like those to yourself, we really don't give a fuck if you don't feel sorry for him. He's 33 fucking years old, yes he's fat, but still that's too young of an age to die at. He's most likely not going to make it out of this, at least the show the man some respect.
  8. I'm sorry for your loss.
  9. FUCK I didn't even know about this

    stay strong big moe!
  10. FUCK im making purple drink tonight just for big moe

    RIP big moe will be missed
  11. damn I heard he died awhile ago

    RIP big moe

    I swear, The lean is killing us, I mean its fucking obvious but everybody turnin they heads.

    How many SUC members? Screw ect ect ect.

    All deaths mention the lean, Shits not to be used excesisvley and they all did. Period. Other shit helps no doubt, But not all were huge dudes and its jus too much shit. Its obiouvs.

    Sucks, I love the lean...

    Rest In Peace Kenneth Moore
  13. All my real screw heads need to fire up a candy sweet for that ***** MOE man .. the city of Syrup classic album.... Htown is the home of Drank and he was one of the main reasons why... " sippin codiene .. it makes a southside player lean" I'm just a dog don't blame me... damn I cant even list half the hits that dude had man.. the realest artists out the city keep dying and the bustas getting all the fame for shit they aint start around here and taking credit for..*****s around the nation just now on lean trying to making songs about it when its been on for 15+ years due in fact to this ***** and his screwed up vocals.. My first time on drank I was jammin BIg Moe... just venting... R.I.P. Big Moe
  14. :C fuck man. i hope lil flip doesnt die anytime soon. hes my favorite ex-member i guess? alive
  15. Hm...a curse? Methinks not. If their music all revolves around narcotic syrup and they all abuse it, of course it's going to cause deaths. It's not meant for consumption in that form whatsoever. Jeez.
  16. Hell yeah dawg, where u at in htown? I cant believe you know the "sippin codeine" song. Have you heard the song that goes "sippin on that drank that lean, big moes a codeine fieeeend".

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