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  1. Hi there, I'm pretty new to this and I just wanted to ask and see what you guys think about my plant. I have searched through some forums and photos and I can't quite a plant that would look like mine does and I'm just wondering if this is normal or I'm doing something wrong. Take a look at the picture.

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  2. Probably just the strain and I think it may need transplanting soon, but don't take my word for it, I'm new to growing myself
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  3. It has been already transplanted haha
  4. You can transplant more than once and it will need potting up.

    Also looks like it needs feeding.

    Indicas will have bushy fat leaves, what strain is it?
  5. It's blueberry. I thought I was overfeeding because it was getting yellow dots on the leafs so I was just giving it plane PHed water for past week.
  6. I'd say she's most definitely ready for a repot. Your leaves should be "praying to the sun," as I heard it stated by someone once and your plant looks pretty droopy. They'll usually droop when they're either too wet or too dry, but no idea about yours. When the plant gets taller and wider than the container it's in, that's usually a good sign that it's slightly root bound, which is what you want right before you transplant to a larger container. Also, confining the root space will force more foliage growth too...kind of like with a fern. A big healthy bushy fern will always be root bound in the pot it's in. But, when they get like that, they require tons of water and feed since the pot is full of roots and the soil is used up. I generally let mine get this way and keep them in the pots longer than most just to force more foliage growth. I would transplant into a container one size larger than you've got this one in and put it into a pot that does not have the enclosed watering tray on the bottom. You need good drainage out the bottom into a catch tray so you can see when you begin to have runoff when you're watering. Make sure you use a very light and arid soil. If you're growing in a soil that is bought from a big box store, amend it 60/40 soil/perlite since the perlite provides the drainage. They don't like sitting around in moist conditions. The plant looks good overall and if you'll repot it into a larger container and water it only when it is at least 80% dry or feels like it did when you loaded it with dry soil, you'll be good for a few weeks with just soil and no nutes. With each repot, you get a fresh supply of nutes from the soil and that keeps you from having to feed too much. You don't really have to give the plants as many chemicals as the nutrient makers would have you believe. They want you to use more so they can sell more. I try to use as little nutes as possible in my plants...still keeping them vibrant and healthy. But it didn't take me long after frying plants to realize that too many chemicals is not a good thing. LOL Happy growing! TWW
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  7. Perfect, this is very helpful, thank you for the input! I'll report it today.
  8. They look a bit overfed and over watered. Need a bigger pot also. Some slight n tox goin down

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