big L anyone

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  1. anyone enjoy listening to big L, gangstarr or papoose while high oh and wu-tang
  2. all exept for papoose, hes alright but i dont enjoy him all the time

    BTW lrg is my favorate brand :D
  3. Big L and Wu tang shouldn't even be in the same sentence as the other names you mentioned... Its nearly disrespectful.
    however Big L is one of the greatest. I enjoy listening to his work high or not.
  4. some good albums to get down to.

    big l- the big picture, lifestyles of the poor and dangerous
    tha alkaholiks- likwidation, x.o Experience
    the beatnuts- take it or squeeze it, the originators
    nas- illmatic, it was written
    chino xl- here to save you all
    the arsonists- as the world burns
  5. big l rest in peace

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