Big important question, for the great minds here!!!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Thenextbigthing, May 10, 2006.

  1. Ok heres the story.....

    In afew im getting my own crib and wants to grow my own ganja.....
    Im gonna be up-front and say im very impatient, but I'm very optimistic about my plan, and would like to share my plan with you to see if my vision could work.

    Being Impatient has limited my choices of strains:
    Speed Queen (Flowers 55 days, Yield around 450 grams est 15 ounces)
    Top 44 (Flowers 56 days, Yield 500 grams, roughly 17 ounces)
    Lowryder (My likely choice BTW, Seed to bud something like 6 weeks, yield 45 grams roughly 1.5 ounces)

    My goal:
    Going the lowryder route, my goal is to get roughly anywhere between 2-8 ounces a week or everyother week, if possible.

    I wanna get the seeds to the states, and start growing them in a low profile, using a growbox im building with some flo lights. Germ the seeds and hopefully atleast get 3 females and atleast 1 male. Anymore females is a bonus. 2 of ladies to bring in my first harvest, and put the male and female together to generate seeds in the future to reach my goal of anywhere between 2-8 ounces a week. So basically i want to always be producing lowryder to build up stock and when im done i can call it a season, smoke a good % of it untill i would have to grow again. Is this possible?????

    Or would going with another strain be beneficial.
    Any and all help would be great.
    Thanks in advance
  2. You cant clone them due to it flowering automatically and i think they are all female.
  3. You smoke half a pound a week?
  4. toastybiz - He obviously wants to smoke some and "give" the rest away.

    Your seed idea is kinda sketchy... the male will produce seeds anyways. So, instead. Take your male/males and throw it in a seperate closet with enough fluoros to keep it alive, that'll produce plenty of seeds. Just use those seeds, and next time you grow, take the males... and repeat.

    Low Ryder isn't necessarily the best for such high yields... if you want big yields hit up some Big Bud.
  5. you're not going to get hardly anything from the lowryder... they average around 7 grams a plant and not very potent. and I don't know what the guy above is talking about witht he males. males don't produce seeds by themselves.. lol what the hell.... and to have that many harvests that often ( a week or every two weeks) would be extremely difficult. you'd need many grow areas to do that... you're jumping the gun quite a bit. you really need to try and get a little experience first before expecting so much.
  6. I agree, it's not the males that produce the seeds,but rather the females, pollinated from the males, so putting them off in a seperate area might work well enough for that.

    Secondly, hero, I have heard that Low Ryder actually had about a median potentcy rating, though have never grown them before, I wouldn't know. I am curious to knwo though, to update my databse on strains and such.

    And to my knowledge (As I have heard of people making seeds from LowRyder) they are NOT all females :D
  7. Yeah lowryde is a horrible strain.

    As for my above post, there's a bit of a typo. Take the pollen from the MALES and pollinate one female and isolate her. Or you can just put a male and a female together in a closet/box and let them do their thing.
  8. Ummm, you know that the yield on those plants is per METER squared. And I doubt that there are 100 people in the world that are going to get 17 ounces off an indoor grow under some floros. Impacient and ganja growing dont mix. Try some bag seed have harvest then step up to the plate.

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