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Big Guy Pass DT In 1 Week?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BigZ215R, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hey, I am 6'5" and weigh 290. I have ~18% body fat with a lot of muscle mass. I have a drug test coming up on June 1st, a little less than a week. I planned on clearing out my system a month earlier, and I did just that but last night the drinks started pouring and next thing I knew the volcano came out and I had a bag in my hands :p I plan on taking 500 mg Niacin pills, one at breakfast, one at lunch. Time released or no? And drinking about 2-3 gallons of water per day (I play football in college so I'm some what used to it ) Can I pass this test by June 1st?

    Please, any advice / feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I think that if you take the niacin, work out a bit, and drink a lot, then you will be clean.

    As long as you were clean before last night, and just had that one session, then it will probably leave your body naturally in about a week. Helping your body flush a little should be enough to get you clean.

    You'll be alright... what type of test is it btw?
  3. Well, it's not a for sure test yet, I have to get a physical before I can practice for the year and they test for hydration in college, while they test me for hydration, they could as well test for thc. I am just trying to play it on the safe side, i know hydration tests and thc tests have nothing in common (or do they?)
  4. Would you also recommend drinking cranberry juice?
  5. Man im in the same situation as you.. Im like 6'3 290 and i got a test in a week..but i smoked everyweekend for the past 6 months..and now i have a week fuck me
  6. On the niacin you're good on the mg and times to take them, but DON'T get time release...If you do they won't work. Not really sure how effective it'll be on such short notice, though. I'm similar size and it took me two weeks to purge. Good luck though
  7. Dude, Niacin has nothing to do with flushing your system out. It just makes it so your piss doesn't look completely diluted and is yellow.

    Anyway follow these steps and it's your best chance...
    2. Lots of exercise and pissing until 3 days before your test. DON'T DRINK A LOT OF WATER.

    3. Now 3 days before your test and up until the day of your test. STOP ALL EXERCISE!
    4. Don't exercise at all and drink a lot of water, cranberry juice, or anything that will make you piss a lot.
    5. During this 3 days don't only drink a lot of water but eating some fatty foods will help too.

    Follow these steps and thats your best shot. You can also go to CVS or Walgreens and pick up a bottle of Cranberry pills, a urinary tract cleaner which may help also.

    Good luck
  8. I have had multiple opinions on what to take.. Here is what my cycle for today has been..

    2400 mg cranberry pills (vaccinium something or other :p)
    -2 per meal
    1000 mg Niacin
    -1 breakfast 1 lunch
    ~Liter of cranberry juice
    ~2-3 gallons of water
    Grilled white chicken and rice

    Should I do anything different?
    Lower doses??
    I really appreciate all of the feedback so far guys! Thanks!
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    Looks good, but you may wanna look into taking a B-12 vitamin, too. Will give your urine the yellow color.
  10. By 1000 mg Niacin I meant 2 500 mg pills :p
    And I take my everyday sports enhancement vitamin, which has mass loads of B-12

    Think I'll pass this or will I need to get some synthetic?
  11. Oh, and cut back a little on the water, too. Ever heard of water poisoning? 2 gallons a day, max, as the cranberry juice is already flushing you like crazy.
  12. Sounds good, thanks for the advice man, it's really appreciated.. More cranberry juice than water?
  13. Nope, keep it to a liter a day. You're gonna piss like a racehorse and your skin might burn some because of the niacin, but you should pass the test, especially since it was just one use. And good luck, once again, bro.

    Oh, a few days beforehand eat some red meat to get your creatin levels up, too. Not a lot, just a regular serving

  14. Wrong. Totally wrong.
    "An important characteristic of the Hubbard detoxification program is the use of niacin. Niacin has the well-known effect of causing "vasodilation", often called the niacin flush, which is an opening of the small blood vessels, the capillaries, so that more blood flows through them. These are the blood vessels which are of most value in reaching fatty tissues. In this way the toxins which are stored in these fatty tissues can be removed, into the bloodstream, and processed out of the body."

    source - The role of niacin in detoxification

    Maybe you were thinking of b12, which some people take before a test if they have drank a lot of water in order to make their piss more yellow.
  15. Thanks a whole lot bro, seriously appreciate it
  16. Thanks for that, Toker. I was trying to find a similar article, but you beat me to it.
  17. Anytime, Big. The City's all about help.
  18. I'm 18 and in high school so I live with my parents and I had to take a drug test at urgent care, I knew a week in advanced. I got clean in 4-5 days. I weigh 175 and am 6ft and all I did were take week ass vitamin B pills and drank a shit load of green tea. Thats what you have to drink mad GREEN TEA. just buy bags and mix it in a gallon water jug that you just drank and i guarantee you will be clean very soon :7)
  19. Kushmonster, there's a significant weight difference between the two of you, though, so the same method isn't likely to work the same way for him as it did for you.
  20. sweat a grip every day big guy jsut do what u do for foot ball work the fuck out, alot.

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