Big Guerilla Grow 42° N

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Volcannabis, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Been a pretty good year so Id say. :love-mj2:

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  2. Nice plants, I'm at same latitude.
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  3. They are around 5-7 feet right now. Hopefully they get up to 15.
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  4. Anytime I have grown a plant over 12 feet tall they either snap in half or completely fall over taking the steak with it. I would fim your plants while we have a good month of veg left.
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  5. I have about 30 more smaller 2 footers Ill do that to. These plants are very sturdy, I was worrying about them falling over but now seeing them theyve gotten really strong. We will see. I may do it to a few in this plot.
  6. Nice they looking good!

    Anyways best of luck with the flowers, check out my outdoor grow thoughts and advice always appreciated :) Auto Flower Grow Dairy
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  7. Time to just let them go and not worry about them for a few weeks now. Top dressed the last of what Im putting on them this year. Gonna let the rain and whatever water I flush them in flowering do the work. They are growing about 1 foot per week.

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