big grow bust in indianapolis

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  1. Thats a fucking jungle of plants holy shit.

    I would go in there with a machete and make myself a little home in the middle and just take trimmings and smoke.

  2. Ya the little fucker that bought some toke ratted this guy out when he got pulled over with 2 lbs of this shit it reaked in is car he narced this grower out and he walked free and i still dont think there was 2.5 million worth of plants there if so everyone would be growing.Also if you ever transport the funk hide it underneath the car in a stealth tube like pvc that way if you ever do get pulled over the cop dont smell it.
  3. eh they catch houses like these atleast once a month around here... One time they even found a police officer who had setup a grow house. There was also this one time in Miami where the police found millions of dollars worth growing in the AVENTURA MALL!! crazy huh? lol

  4. this was not a house this was a pole barn lol
  5. That sucks, but it's funny that the officer complimented him on his grow setup.
  6. the cop did say it was the best grow he ever seen in his time being a cop lol
  7. need to put that shit in the vents of the Capitol building and light
  8. WOW, thats an impressive grow operation. He could have harvested alot more if he would have done sea of green. He probably wanted to grow them big jus incase he gets busted. If that was a sea of green there would have been like 600 plants.

    But come one are you serious?? 2.5 Million??? JEEEEESSUSSSS CHRRISSSTTT... i bet he was making anywhere from 100,000-300,000 a year.
  9. helllllll nah!!! dude is within walking distance of my grandmas house, well at least he was...

    crazy to think i drove by there 3-4 times a day, and he bought that house like 10 years ago, so im guessing this isnt a new hobby
  10. Just to inform the newb smokers who post here: Those are normal sized plants.
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    i like how everyone who commented ^this^ news site had something negative to say about the police or something positive about weed!

    and btw if thats 2.5 million dollars worth of weed than i must have a good 10 grand worth of bud on me!
  12. That wasnt the aventura mall man I live right by it. It was the Dadeland Mall...I think.
  13. I hope the narc gets his. He should have known the consequences of his actions and be prepared to face up to them.

    And by gets his, I do not mean something extremely grotesque or something uncalled for. I just hope karma strikes back, and soon.
  14. ahhhh dono bout karma...he should be shot
  15. Big Plants, Bigger loss...

  16. newb smokers lol ya for outdoor not indoor

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