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Big Green Pill

Discussion in 'General' started by pief, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know anything about a big green pill? I was told the pill doesn't have a name because it's a street drug or whatever the fuck you want to call it. But any info at all about a very large green pill...BGN ... Big green neon ....very large pill..

    thanks in advance...no i dont have pictures and no i cannot get pics..just tryin to get some info.
  2. If the pill is a 'street' drug, then it would probably be X. I wouldnt take a non-pharm pill, if you dont know whats in it or even what it is.

    Any imprints or anything
  3. ^^

    if its blank .. idk i wouldnt take it..

    or find a friend that does x n get him to lick a tiny bit of it .. u can taste it n tell waht it is sometimes idk? pics?
  4. maybe it's a suppository? :p
  5. ive had hydrocodones that were big and a light green but they had imprints with names and numbers, if i doesnt have any of that stuff one thing i would think is maybe like a multi vitamin or somethkng like that cause they are ussually large plain different colored pills but i have no idea, i wouldnt take it until u find out unless u really want to
  6. Im pretty sure it was oxycontin....fuck that shit son
  7. Sounds like a multivitamin to me. I have large green pills in my cupboard and they are multivitamins. Prescription drugs like opiates and whatnot always have some sort of identification on them, ie. numbers/letters. If it was oxycontin it would have some sort of identification on it.

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