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Big Foot Review & Pics (BC Hash Plant x Grimm Male)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by enjoi., Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Here's two pictures I just snapped of some Big Foot (seeds by Subcool) I picked up.

    Genetics are supposed to be BC Hash Plant x Grimm Male and it definitely has BCHP characteristics.

    The smell is very Hash Plant-like almost burning the nostrils upon inhale (but it's a very interesting/good smell). The overall nug structure are mainly longer and skinnier but the stems aren't very thick in general. The nugs are generally very hairy with good trichome and resin coverage.

    The taste leaves something to be desired. It doesn't necessarily taste "bad" but it definitely isn't as pleasant as the Headband, Strawberry Cough, GDP and various other strains available to me. It basically tastes "hashy" with little other flavor.

    The high is a strong narcotic-like couch-lock buzz. It's rather relaxing and pleasant but will most likely impede you from getting anything accomplished. Overall, the high is very good for pain/sleep applications.

    Sum up:
    Overall good strain that could use some improvement on flavor. The smell, look, trichomes, etc. were all good (but not great) and the high was strong enough to hang with other designer strains. I can't see this having as wide appeal as many other designer strains but is worthy in its own right.

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  2. Not a single comment on the Big Foot? :confused:

    The front nug in the picture looks different because there were two different phenotypes in the batch. I didn't really notice much of a difference between the two. They both seemed to have a similar taste and high.
  3. looks great. good cross mate!
  4. Here's a bag shot of the Big Foot...

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  5. Nice score man I'm a huge fan of hp breeds, that hashy flavor is in my top 5 haha
  6. Those buds look soo compact, nice pickup indeed :)

  7. Thanks for the rep :D

    After smoking on a lot more of it, the hashy flavor has definitely grown on me too:smoke:

    For anyone curious, this ran $300 per zip.
  8. looks way better than the plain ole hash plant i had back in the summer. I know what you're saying about the taste though, hash plant strains don't taste wonderful but you get used to it after so many tokes.

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