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  1. I wish I'd taken a picture but I put a 150 gallon fabric pot on top of a pallet outside and have it 80% filled with my mix. The problem is that instead of staying to it's shape 100% round it has become more of an oval like shape with 2 of the sides stretching over the pallet. Is there anything you all have found that works to help keep the pots in their round shape? I'll take a picture next time I head out might be about a week just any ideas in the meantime?
  2. Wrap it w 4"X4" welded wire fencing.

    Or frame it out and build a box w 2bys and fill it up w soil. Just about any sort of fencing and some landscape fabric will work.
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  3. I grew in 100 gal pots last year and had one on an angle and all out of shape. It didn't seem to make any difference.
  4. Awesome just what I hoped to hear. Did you fill the pot to the top with soil? Any issues with watering or recommendations so that it doesn't spill out?
  5. Heh, yeah, pretty close to the top, and I did water heavier on the high side, but once the soil was wet it didn't want to run off to much. You can kind of see it there on the front right. Hard to tell except the stalk growing to the left.

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  6. Awesome I'll take a picture this weekend to show my setup. What were you using for mulch? Those were some beautiful looking trees.
  7. Thanks man, I had a lot of fun growing those. The pallet is a great idea as I had holes in the bottom of one of the pots by the end. A vole or something got in there and had a feast.
    I had put some alfalfa hay I had on top in the beginning. Next time I plan on using something that will combat fungus gnats. Those things are a PITA.
  8. That pot has a little more tacoing going on than I had. ElRancho's suggestion with the wire fencing or something would help. The plant will grow in it, but I think watering could be a pain with it like that. Does it do that when it is flat on the ground?
  9. I don't think 4 people could move this thing to the ground and back up again it's damn heavy. Wish there was some quickfix someone knew. Thanks for the help I'll let you know if I figure something out.
  10. They sell a plastic wrap for moving that could work for you. A band around the upper part to help it hold shape. The stuff looks like seran wrap, but is strong enough to use for moving and shipping.

    Sorry I couldn't help more.
  11. shovel it out, wrap support and put the soil back in. yeah sucks but you can finish in a couple of hours.
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  12. You can take a couple ratchet straps one a little above the center ,one a little below the center, and kind of ratchet it back into place.thickish metal fencing may help, with this
    You still are good as you can still take some soil out if ya need

    Boom4200 winter spring grow journal

    Boom4200 winter spring grow journal
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  13. I would use a ratchet strap like stated above. That seems like the least amount of work. Put the strap around it and keep tightening it and making the pot round again.
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  14. Thanks all for your input! I put some concrete pieces under the 2 sides that were sagging over the pallet worsening the taco-ing. I'm pretty sure I have some straps somewhere I have to find them that is definitely next to do. Worse comes to worse I can take it all out and put it back in like what scoobie said. As it is I could probably grow in it now if I had to what do you guys think especially because there should not be any more sagging for there to be runoff from the corners. Appreciate all the ideas that ratchet idea seems to easy not to try! 150gallonp5.jpg 150gallon6.jpg 150gallon7.jpg
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  15. The pallet is your problem. 1st pic in op, everything looks fine. 2nd pic in op you can see the bag sagging off the pallet on 3 sides. Is the pallet on level ground? I dont use fabric pots, but if they arent on level(ish) solid footing, they'll have trouble with form. Who knows what is going on in the middle of that...

    Take a look at @Penrey pic, the front left pot to the left looks to be off even grade and a tad oval, the three to the right seem to be sitting level and more round. The worst of the 4 being closest to his chair .

    Get that big bitch sitting level! Why the pallet anyway? Level a pad and tamp...then move. You'll probably need to manually reshape (brute force from outside or physically removing and returning dirt) your bag I'd imagine. Jealous of the outdoor space you have...
  16. yeah i also say ditch the pallet.

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