Big Explosion

Discussion in 'General' started by Dannk!, May 31, 2006.

  1. Damn that was crazy amagin seein that shit blow up and then all that shit comin down? I'd be like "You guys can run! :bongin: "
  2. omg that was amazing!

    *glad nobody was injured.
  3. That was melted the damn wheels of their cars. It usually helps if there isn't a 17 foot long crack in one of the boosters
  4. yea no kidding... 17 feet???

    how do you overlook that on a mission like that. the satellite it was carrying ALONE cost 42 million, add the rocket into that, and all the man hours dedicated to getting this thing off the ground.

    someone had better of been fired for that fuck up...
  5. Think of how much weed that giant bottle-rocket was worth
  6. A whole lot of someones should be fired
  7. This is where our tax money is going?
  8. This is where your tax money is going


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