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big dense buds?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Cyproz, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. hey i want to order some seeds femenized but im looking for high yield with large dense fruity buds, i would like sativa but i dont care cause i love all weed. has anyone grown any strains that have given them big dense buds? also im ordering from www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com or i can order from attitude seeds.
  2. Those seeds seem a bit pricey. Did you know Grass City has a seed bank? At the top, click Grasscity Shop, and order 100 Seeds for around $70-80. Or maybe www.Marijuana-seeds.nl (I'm ordering from there for the super pack) I'm not sure on the site though, haven't used them ever.
  3. r they good to USA?
  4. Marijuana-seeds.nl does ship to the entire world, but choose their stealth shipping for 9.95 for 100% sure-ness it'll come.
  5. cool cause i like their medi bud looks good
  6. ill just say that ive had my eye on the worldwide marijuana seeds site for a bit....not that pricey considering availability, at least on some of the 'higher end' strains
  7. yea i like them cause they sell single femmeds for like anywhere from 7.00-20.00$ which isnt bad. i just dont know which one strain i want. last time i got a mix but this grow i want all the same, i was thinking red dragon
  8. any ideas on strains that are above 20% thc and have big fat round buds?

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