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  1. So my sprouts are twelve days old and are going to be moved from my Seed/clone room to the grow room. I currently have 54 seedlings. I have been growing them in 4inch organic pots(the kind I can directly transplant) with Miracle grow Organic soil. I have a 10'x10'ish room that I completely plastic off with black plastic then covered in a mildly reflective foam insulation to keep a more constant temp and to control thermal leaking.I plan to transplant tomorrow and fert for my first time tomorrow and I had a few questions.

    First. I am running a single 4' dome shaped hood with a 1000w light( Both MH and HPS ). If I expect half males, could I grow 25 plants under that single light set up? I can afford another ballast/light/hood its just money is a little tight till my girls hit the street so any money saved is good. I am hoping for high yield. I have 8 BB seeds and want them to get giant... Whats a good size Pot for my space and light set up. Id like to veg until mid March then get them on flower cycle.

    Also I have been running them on 24/0 under 2 4' CFL and 2 2' CFL. Is there any threat of stress moving them over to 18/6 for veg? Will they beast up more if I just run them 24/0?
  2. 24 plants under a 1000w light is just fine. Thats what I do and I get 1.5lbs per light. As far as stress is involved you're also fine specially that you're going to more hours of dark as opposed to none. I've tried to veg under both 24/0 and 18/6 and my personal experience has been that the plants look way better with the few hours of dark they get.

  3. 1.5 lb per plant wet? I was really interested in dry bud weights for this kind of set up. I hope to clone out all big buds for next cycle to increase yield. This is basically my cash crop for now. Hoping to turn a coin and set up a 2 plant hydro head stash set up. I was going to get a motorized light mover so I could spread this crop out a little more, would this effect my yield noticably for the better or worse? Oh and today my source for my socket assembly wasnt as solid as I thought and now I have to wait for a new one in the mail! So my babies are forced to be under CFL's for another couple of days. Right now I am just getting the final touches delt with. Hiding my wires better to make the room look more organized. I also plan on getting a dual ballast that runs 2x 600w lights for next cycle as well. Next grow should be about 60 plants of big bud under 2200 watts.
  4. Dry weight not wet weight. If you have the space you might as well spread them out a little bit and make sure you move the plants around once a week to ensure even light coverage.

    BTW the fact that I get 1.5 doesnt mean you'll get the same. You could get signigicantly more or less that and I dont know what strain you're growing.
  5. Wow thats so legit. Yeah I have 5 big bud, 8 pride of amsterdam 6 MediJuana and the rest are random bonus seeds from a bank. I dont know what to expect. I just want 10 pounds from this set up.

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