Big Day Tomorrow!

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by THCaleb, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Ahh the great indoors! Lol, hey everyone! I've learned so much more from my second grow it's crazy, like I got a male again this time but also a female at long last!!! Finally! This is a huge accomplishment for me. All the work I put in and my experience with actually growing a plant on my own has really paid off and shown in ways I am seeing and believing right now! Patience truly is a big part of it. Also growing in all organic products makes a difference you seriously have to try! I'm not growin any other way. I also trust FoxFarm soils because that happy frog soil is what I'm using now and it is AMAZING. Gonna see how an all organic bloom booster works tomorrow! It's not from FoxFarm but it got a lot of the same ingredients, even the microbes. I used a FoxFarm foliar spray during vegetation only like 3-4 times. I'm pretty sure just 3 times on my female and 4 on my male. There was a couple times when I just sprinkled a very little bit on the leaves of both, but probly not even enough to notice lol. I'm working on a journal for this grow too! If y'all wanna check it out. This is just an update of what imma be doing tomorrow, which will be getting rid of my male plant and feeding my female a bloom booster. They just hit 3 weeks in flowering yesterday. I'm so proud of them! Lol, I'll also make another thread somewhere explaining my experience and how I learned to identify the genders in the second week of flowering. I can probly detect the signs earlier now that I know what to look for. I'll probly post it in Organic Growing or if there's a section where you just share knowledge I'll post it there! I'll update my journal tomorrow night after my work is done lol. Well... here's how my female was doing today tho the pics of my male are from yesterday. He really ain't grew much in a couple days...
    There they are!!! Lol, I'm also gonna wait to do updates every few days - maybe once a week sometimes... you know, just so there can be SUPER VISIBLE DIFFERENCES in the growth lol. She's starting to focus on dat Bud growth y'all, she gon be real dense lol.
  2. Last 2 pics are of my male!!!

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