Big buds or duds ?

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  1. Hey guys this is my first post I am new to grasscity but often turn to it for advice. I have started my first outdoor grow and it is going as planned. I started my plants around june 15 indoors and let them get about 5-10 inches before putting them in pots (in my case a bunch of old cooler haha ). They were in the ground by june 29th. Today (August 9) they are about 4 feet tall and are in there 2nd week of flowering. The buds are small but are growing fast. My concern at this point is that frost will come to early and will leave me with small, disappointing buds. my question is, is there anything i can do to speed up the process of the flowering or if they will be fine on there own. Typically frost doesnt come til late september ~ 20-30. Also might be a dumb question but one of my plants has vibrant pink hairs, not just a few but all of them. Is this good/bad/indifferent... they look pretty tasty haha. ill post a couple pictures to show you what im dealing with...
    stay stanky my friends

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  2. Are the plants too big to be put inside or covered by a clear plastic cover/bag? or will that only make your crop stand out? Maybe the plastic cover will deter the frost.
  3. Im new here too, what I would do is increase the Phosphorus in the soil. Go to your local gardening center and get some bone meal
  4. i gave them bone meal when i first moved them from indoor to outdoor but since then have not added any more. i give them miracle grow with their weekly watering but thats about all. should i expose the roots and give them more bone meal or just mix it into the water? also leaves are going slightly yellow could this be because of the lacking phosphorus as well ?
  5. also i live with my parents so brining them indoor is not a option haha. but they are in a pretty remote area and i could cover them potentially ? do you mean just put a garbage bag over them or what ?
  6. Yeah definitely give them some more bone meal, the plants need more of it especially when flowering. No need to disturb any roots just put some in water and water the bad boys, putting some on top of the bed wouldn't hurt either, just don't over feed em.
  7. thanks for the quick response i will give that a go on my next " fishing trip":D
  8. as for the pink buds... any comments ?
  9. pink doesnt really mean anything. just looks cool as fuck. could be bomb, could be schwag. lol. never know till you smoke it. is it all bagseed? if so it might be the genetics of that particular seed. or just a freak occurrence. let us know bro. smoke report when its done?
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    Whats the N P K on Bone meal? Bone meal will draw in animals. Not the best choice for outdoor grows.

    What are you feeding your plants now? They look fine but perhaps some more derect sun.
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    I got blood and bone meal and the npk are 5n.5p.6k but if they just got bone meal it might be different

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