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    I have never seen this setup..... just ran into it.... anybody got one? reviews?

    I can build this for super cheap.. and i was looking for a how-to on how to run the water lines... or if i would be wasting my time putting this together.... I was thinking of using much larger square tubing but i like the doorway... seems to make more sense than the an other version they sell

    so... who's got one? willing to snap a couple of pics? maybe post em...
  2. Bump gotta get some info
  3. i know this is less than 24 hours... but i know im going to be busy tomorrow... and would like to keep this at the top of the page... might try asking in the hydro section.. hope this is not against the rules asking the same question in different sections.... but i would really love to see this in action
  4. bumptastic
  5. Im guessing no one was stupid enough to pay the insane mark up for it, when i first saw it i thought it was the most ridicules thing i had ever seen, that was before i noticed there was a screen to hold the plants up of course lol. And even though it doesn't seem so ridicules to me now, im sure anyone who would have had the cash for a set up like this would have went with an omega garden. - Omega Gardens™: Industry Leading Hydroponics Designs for Indoor Gardening
  6. the omega is cool... anybody use those?
  7. way to late i know but i have a diy version. i based mine on octagon hydroponics design. i run it as a ebb and flow. it works good not sure if it is worth it if you have space for a flat tray. its kinda a pain to keep the plants tied back from the lights. that one is a 6x6 you will need 1000s in there for it to work good.
  8. whoa... really... got any pics? I love pics... i really am going to design a huge setup.. in the planning stages... im gonna make it totally invisible... but i have yet to pic a design... im tired of having three grows all over my house.. gonna just get one super big one
  9. look at my grow journal in my signature. i have tons of pics.
  10. i just realized i was a total douche and didn't reply to your posting.. i was so involved with looking at your pictures that i never responded..

    thank you very much for showing me that you have this system...

    based on your reviews of your own grow.. i will have to make a door... so its gonna be the omega, if i end up building this

    thanks wert:smoke:
  11. just make sure you have as much access to the sides as possible. it can be a bit difficult to train when you have to climb underneath it.
  12. Hi what do you thing about this:

    [ame=]Sustainable made simple - Build Your Own Vertical Garden - YouTube[/ame]
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