big bud x white widow

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  1. i was thinking about this the other day everybody knows how great big bud yeild can be every knows how bad white widow's yeild can be (but very strong) so why not cross them and get a strong ass high from the white widow part of the plant but also get a very good yeild from the big bud part of the plant good idea?
  2. i always wanted to mix skunk and blueberry

    i would call it skunkenberry
  3. when i get older and more settled, one of the things that i truley do is expirment with crossing strains and such. always wanted to do it. would love to get some amazing bud crossed with a high yeilding one
  4. yea thats wut i was thinkin about i bet it sell for sum paper 2
  5. their is alot more to breeding then just picking strains and mixing.
  6. BB x WW would be awesome.
  7. I know you can get northern lights X big bud
  8. anythign BB or WW is gonna be hella
  9. I want WW X Thia stick
  10. there are a lot of strains that are just as good or better yielders than big bud, and there are a lot of strains that are more potent than white widow, and lots of big yielding potent crosses...

  11. any examples of these stains that are a lot more potent than white widow and i def want to hear which strains are better yield than big bud?
  12. there are numerous strains that best both big bud and white widow, you can do your own research. remember strain is not the only indicator of potency and a prefix of "white" is in no way an indicator of its potency, but rather its lineage (and even that isn't set in stone). don't think of strains as a pyramid with the best bud at the top, it's a gigantic tree that's jumped branches a thousands time over.
  13. There is a strain Big Bud x White Widow

    It's on Attitude. I almought bought some seeds but i got Purple widow instead.
  14. where do people find these fuckin threads. that's two in a row

  15. thanks about assuming i need to do my homework because i have a big bud x white widow mother and would like to cross it with something similar if that makes sense.....i am a new grower and only have grown from seeds ordered or saved from years of holding on to the best looking ones from my best pot from purchasing....thanks for your knowledge anyways:smoking:

  16. found it while i was searching for info on wwxbb:hello::hello:

  17. sorry for not having 33000 post and knowing every rule of this forum...your a dork and it will always be that way...btw i dont know what a fuckin necropost is bc i dont sit on my computer all day like you:D
  18. someones not 18.
  19. Making this one myself. Got big bud and white widow seedlings about a week and a half old. Can't wait to get those F1 seeds in my hands... a lil ways away from that point but excited. Im callin mine White Elephant.
  20. What breeder on attitude did you get the big bud x white widow from?

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