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Big Bud + Purple Haze Hybrid

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by PipeUp, May 11, 2009.

  1. hey, a close friend of mine has recently started selling this combo of Big Bud and Purple Haze, now i dont know much about Cannabis types so i was wondering if you could tell me if this would be a good combo?

    also, the list time i smoked weed, it was Northern Lights,
    what will be better?

    i hope the Big Bud and Purple Haze is better because me and my friends are buying a LOT =) :smoking:
  2. Those are individually great strains so combined they will be the shit. I don't know the specifics on the genetics but sounds like it will be good.

    Its a tough choice there all straight fire so I guess I would choose purple haze. But there all good.
  3. awesome thanks :D.
    Cant wait,

    will be smoking salvia 20x on the nite too :D

    should be awesome :D!
  4. I would be skeptical since the original Purple Haze strain was lost a long, long time ago. There are strains that claim to have some of the genetics in them, and strains people CALL Purple Haze, but mostly it's just a claim in order to sell the bud for more and/or move it faster.
  5. I'm very, very skeptical of anyone that uses big names like that... If you're new to smoking, you probably aren't going to notice if you get ripped off because you won't know the difference. Your best bet is to look through the guide on here and make sure that it has all the qualities of good weed before shelling out big bucks - you might be paying $20 a gram for mids.
  6. well, im not sure, the guy that sells to me, hes also a good friend, but im not sure

    hes chargin 40quid a 1/4 (thats 80$).. So i dno,

    he brought in a joint one time and i have 3/4s of a joint and was fucked out my face lol
    went on a whitey D: (puked) lol.. and worst of all it was at College LOL

  7. This. OSG beat me to it. Purple Haze is a lost strain. you can get weed with purple buds, but they will not be Purple haze.
  8. The fact is, if you've only smoked a few times 98% chance they're bullshitting you about strains.

    Getting a certain strain isn't all it's kicked up to be though. The skill of the grower has a much larger effect on the final product than the genetics do. You can get 2 plants with identical genetics and 2 different growers and get 1 super heady batch and another that could be nute-burned unflushed picked early and covered in mites.

    Nobody can say "purple hazexbigbud is much better than NL" Chances are they're just making up names to make it more appealing.
  9. Both matter really. Genetics sets the upper bounds of quality one can achieve with a given cultivar. Growing skill enables one to realise that potential.

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