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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JoshParkinson, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. 136B3A17-8854-4246-B9EC-FA601F82A2C4.jpeg 9063B3F6-8D58-4DF6-94C7-029CF47F2C68.jpeg Hi all,
    I’m on day 25 now of flower and iv been using Just advanced nutrients sensi coco bloom base nutes but I’ve been planning on using big bud then overdrive also.
    Am I too late now? Should I carry on using Just base nutes?
    Or should I get them and use big bud for a week then switch to overdrive for last 3?
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  2. i use big bud after second week of switch to 12/12 and overdrive week 5-8
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  3. Flowering time is 9-10 weeks and they will be end of week 4 start of week 5 tomorrow, would you just give overdrive? Or would you just leave it having not had big bud?
  4. i use overdrive week 4-7 i only use big bud week3-4 sometimes week 5 and if its a 9-10 weeks strain overdrive will do ya fine from week5-8
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  5. Cheers bro!✌️
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  6. anytime brother :passing-joint:
  7. looking good too my man they look ready for the overdrive for sure :D
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  8. Thanks man! First grow so I don’t have a clue what to expect, just going with it lol
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  9. very good effort for your first grow buddy you should be proud you defo doing the right things buddy good luck :)
  10. Awesome work man! I’m on my first grow as well ( outdoor). I hope mine comes along as nicely as yours.
  11. Thanks bro! Nice what strain you running?
  12. I have 3 gg4 bag seeds, and 1 sour diesel bag seed. I have no idea if that is the stain really. I’m not knowledgeable about what strain looks like what. I have a thread going as well and have been posting pictures daily. Right now I’m just waiting another week to move to bigger planter. Check it out ,and any advice you have would be great. I have this on watch . I can’t wait to see how you finish. Have a good night.
  13. Just started with overdrive. Did it work and add noticeable more weight ?

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