Big Bud grow from seed (sensi seeds)

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    5/5/11 Germination: 5 seeds Soaked in RO water (ph 6.5, temp 70º) for 24 hours.
    5/6/11 Placed into soaked paper towel for one day until roots are quarter inch long.
    Propagation: 5/7/11 Placed into rapid rooter (RO water ph 6.3) Lights T5 2ft 2 tube commercial system 8" away from seedlings 3 gallon humidifier ( I dont like humidty domes)
    5/8/11: 3 out of 5 seeds sproutes Waterd once a day.
    5/10/11: All 5 seeds have sprouted four out of five have second set of leaves.
    (still no true leaves :( Temp 73º low 76º high
    Pic is 5 day in

    Im back
    5/18/11: This is the first day I started feeding them. I gave them quarter strength Pure Blend Pro Grow, liquid Karma, and voodoo juice.
    Humidity: 60% 70%
    Temp 75-77:
    Little slower than I like it
    light: 24hrs 4 inces from canopy
    Targeg Transplant to veg 5/21/11

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  2. It's been a while. Here is what happened. Got root rot took clones off the seeds. The pics are of the Big bud clones. I also have dinafem blue hash, moby dick, and white widow.

    I am using a constant drip I built. 40 gal rez 4X8 tray. Everything in the pic has been in veg under 1000 watt MH SunMaster bulb, for one month. :D. I am using sensi a&B grow 3/4 strength Pure blend pro grow at quarter strength. Voodoo juice liquid karama B52 aquashield pirahanna tarantula.

    I have been cropping some of the Big bud. I have been pruning all the plants. cut bottom growth focuses energy top side In even canopy ville Population Lumens. ph 5.8-6.3 res change every week topping off depends on ppms climate. I got my ppm up to 1100 using RO water(PPM 10) (I did not start at 1100 Started at half strength sensi quarter pbpg ppm were like 787 and worked them up week to week. Hydroton I LOVE HYDROTON.
    Any suggestions I am always trying to learn more.

    "Show me a man that never made a mistake, and i'll show you a man that never tried anything new." Albert Einstien

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  3. Big Bud Clones? Where did you get those! Hehehe :wave:

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