Big Bud, couple weeks old

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  1. So, I have a small Big bud plant, maybe a couple weeks old. I started using a 65w Reveal Floodlight, and the plant seemed to love it, it took off, but straight up. The downfall was that this produced a lot of heat, so I switched the one 65w to 4-26w CFL's at 6500k. That has slowed down the vertical growth, and now it's forming broad fan leaves but they're bunched all together about 6 inches up the main stem.

    I guess my question is should I go ahead and start LST with the main stem that long? Anyway to "treat" the problem?
  2. I am guessing since you did not post a pic, but from your description, you just have a stretch going on - so just bury the stem with new soil.
  3. the first light you speak of, is really not meant for growing.
    Will make your plant just stretch, getting tall, and eventually collapsing under its own weight.
    The new cfl's are exactly what you need, thats why now its starting to grow more leaf set (bushy) thats what you wanna aim for, basically.
  4. Here's a pic. I figure since the stem is so long, I would start with some LST, but burying it would be better?

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