Big Brother is coming?

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  1. U.S. to Weigh Computer Chip Implant

    Tue Feb 26, 7:55 PM ET
    By CHRISTOPHER NEWTON, Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON (AP) - A Florida technology company is poised to ask the government for permission to market a first-ever computer ID chip that could be embedded beneath a person's skin.

    For airports, nuclear power plants and other high security facilities, the immediate benefits could be a closer-to-foolproof security system. But privacy advocates warn the chip could lead to encroachments on civil liberties.

    The implant technology is another case of science fiction evolving into fact. Those who have long advanced the idea of implant chips say it could someday mean no more easy-to-counterfeit ID cards nor dozing security guards.

    Just a computer chip - about the size of a grain of rice - that would be difficult to remove and tough to mimic.

    Other uses of the technology on the horizon, from an added device that would allow satellite tracking of an individual's every movement to the storage of sensitive data like medical records, are already attracting interest across the globe for tasks like foiling kidnappings or assisting paramedics.

    Applied Digital Solutions' new "VeriChip" is another sign that Sept. 11 has catapulted the science of security into a realm with uncharted possibilities - and also new fears for privacy.

    "The problem is that you always have to think about what the device will be used for tomorrow," said Lee Tien, a senior attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a privacy advocacy group.

    "It's what we call function creep. At first a device is used for applications we all agree are good but then it slowly is used for more than it was intended," he said.

    Applied Digital, based in Palm Beach, Fla., says it will soon begin the process of getting Food and Drug Administration (news - web sites) approval for the device, and intends to limit its marketing to companies that ensure its human use is voluntary.

    "The line in the sand that we draw is that the use of the VeriChip would always be voluntarily," said Keith Bolton, chief technology officer and a vice president at Applied Digital. "We would never provide it to a company that intended to coerce people to use it."

    More than a decade ago, Applied bought a competing firm, Destron Fearing, which had been making chips implanted in animals for several years. Those chips were mainly bought by animal owners wanting to provide another way for pound workers to identify a lost pet.

    Chips for humans aren't that much different.

    But the company was hesitant to market them for people because of ethical questions. The devastation of Sept. 11 solidified the company's resolve to market the human chip and brought about a new sensibility about the possible interest.

    "It's a sad time ... when people have to wonder whether it's safe in their own country," Bolton said.

    The makers of the chip also foresee it being used to help emergency workers diagnose a lost Alzheimer's patient or access an unconscious patient's medical history.

    Getting the implant would go something like this:

    A person or company buys the chip from Applied Digital for about $200 and the company encodes it with the desired information. The person seeking the implant takes the tiny device - about the size of a grain of rice, to their doctor, who can insert it with a large needle device.

    The doctor monitors the device for several weeks to make sure it doesn't move and that no infection develops.

    The device has no power supply, rather it contains a millimeter-long magnetic coil that is activated when a scanning device is run across the skin above it. A tiny transmitter on the chip sends out the data.

    Without a scanner, the chip cannot be read. Applied Digital plans to give away chip readers to hospitals and ambulance companies, in the hopes they'll become standard equipment.

    The chip has drawn attention from several religious groups.

    Theologian and author Terry Cook said he worries the identification chip could be the "mark of the beast," an identifying mark that all people will be forced to wear just before the end times, according to the Bible.

    Applied Digital has consulted theologians and appeared on the religious television program the "700 Club" to assure viewers the chip didn't fit the biblical description of the mark because it is under the skin and hidden from view.

    Even with the privacy and religious concerns, some are already eager to use the product.

    Jeff Jacobs in Coral Springs, Florida has contacted the company in hopes of becoming the first person to purchase the chip.

    Jacobs suffers from a number of serious allergies and wants to make sure medical personnel can diagnose him.

    "They would know who to contact, they would know what medications I'm on, and it's quite a few," he said. "They would know what I'm allergic to, what kind of operations I've had and where there might be problems."

    Applied Digital says technology to let the chip to be used for tracking is already well under development.

    Eight Latin American companies have contacted Applied Digital and have openly encouraged the company to pursue the internal tracking devices. In some countries, kidnapping has become an epidemic that limits tourism and business.
  2. Big Brother is HERE!!:(
  3. they'll have to HEAVILY sedate me and take me in kicking and screaming to insert a chip in my hand (or ANYWHERE for that matter)!

    they actually think people will willingly pay $200 to get this done to them? here, breach my privacy and put this anonymous little device under my skin, won't you? the possibilities of the functionability of that chip are endless, and that makes me NERVOUS

    i don't trust this.

    don't think i ever will. my driver's license photo ID's me fairly well enough!
  4. Okay, here's the thing, I'm 16, a typical cushy-life suburban teenager, and I know the errors more than these others. Yin and yang. The good brings bad and the bad brings good.
    The ability to use this means of communication that I am right now is all a part of that balance. Everything is. As we try to advance our technology to solve our new problems, new problems unfold.
    The world is too big to be working so feverishly on our technology, and treating every insignifigant human life so precious. We should be trying to connect better with our Lord and our fellow man. This one man that wants the chip, maybe he has severe problems that are horrible without the most modern of medicines, well, even if they were just as severe 600 years ago, back then he would have died. It would have been the way of things. It is the will of God. That is why he is struck down with these things.
    Our modern technology allows the average street bum to easily afford a cure to what may used to have been a deadly ailment. That is the wa of things. That is yin and yang. We will always have this balance.
    My point is, at the end of this unorganized pathetic essay pf random points, is that we need to find love. I haven't studied, I'm not personally a member of any religious affiliation(raised Catholic though with Cathechism), I am just rambling even now. We just need to love fellow man. That could be the only answer. To maintain a high technology and live in peace with the world and the universe's natural balance of light and darik, good and evil, love. Any one could ramble on and on. Love. Love. Love. Spread peace, good will, love. Just connect with nature and man and love love love love......

  5. im going to move to a remote location, in a tin foil house, deep under ground. so THEY wont find me...

    i don't want to leave my house anymore.
  6. That is more The Mark of the Beast than Big Brother!! You will have to have the chip in order to work, do any business, or live "lawfully" in general. Those without the chip will be forced to steal to get by. It is listed in the Book of Revelation. What a prophecy that book is. Go to You can download her book for free, or order it. I suggest the latter. I had the priveledge of hearing this lady speak and actually having lunch with her a couple of weeks ago at a Libertarian Convention. I was so impressed!! This book will wake you up big time.
  7. Never voluntaraly?
    The government has always been able to track anyone in the U.S. by their SS#.
    Aperson in the U.S. has to have a SS# to receive any benefeits from the government.
    What is the diference between the chip and a SS# is the chip is too new to make it mandatory.
    Of course this is only MY opinion.:rolleyes:

    Opinions are like bongs!
    Everybody has one, and they all stink.
  8. The Implant is IMBEDDED IN YOUR FUCKING SKIN!!!! Even migrant farmworker can figure out how to play with SSI#'s!!But you'd haveta' freakin' CUT an implant out in order to change it......Wait! one of you ELECTRONIC genius'es types need to create a CHAMELIAN (f*#*ked up spelling..color changing lizard) implant that can be changed by owner to read whatever they choose!!!..[​IMG]...[​IMG]...FARTS really stink too!! :smoking:
  9. patriot you know i was listening to a talk show a couple years back when they talk about the "mark" in revelations that all must have or be cast from society. i chose not to bring it up here because my memory is really shoddy and i couldn't remember all the details..
    but ooh it is bonechilling & scary to think that this could become our future!
    i won't even get flu shots, i'm scared of the needle. and now i have physical AND political fears to avoid the doctor ;)
    I think I will check out that book, thanks for the link!
  10. All this world is mostly a joke. Youre average citizen like me, the worst they can do is lock me up for life. I'd have lots of free time to do anything. I'm not even politically active, so they won't do shit. I could just end up in prison for smoking. Oh well. All this is too crazy. I want to move into nature, isolated from everything modern. I really think it would be benficial to do some traveling.
  11. you know look what the government lets us know, think about what they can and already are doing. I meani just saw a comerical for a kids journal where the lock was voice activated, a kids toy! I am totally down with moving to the woods, building a solar powered system and chillin, but there does need to be some control, cuz i know i am not a killer.but definetly operation bif brother is already in place
  12. I actually heard about his a few years back. No thanks not for me. But some people are dumb are with the right marketing will want it just like its a new cell phone or something. Ban the beast.

  13. The first thing I thought when I heard about this was the mark of the beast......this is something the kids have to know about. By the time someone corrupt comes along and decides this is required to exist on this world, we'll probly mostly all be gone, or off in alzhiemer's land. When it becomes mandatory that's-the prophecies are we have to implant the young with some other ideas!!!!
  14. If the goveenment wanted to control every aspect of our...... oh wait they already do! so fuck 'em all
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  15. Drop a frog into boiling water and it will jump out imediatly.
    put the frog in cold water and slowly bring to the boil and the frog will sit around unaware of its aproaching death.

    we are frogs.

    isit hot in here or isit just me???

    Democracy isn't working in this capitalists world. "they" want to make sure everyone thinks otherwise.

    The authoritarians are slowly but surely taking away our freedoms, and our ability to question the "they".

    additional weird thought. If this chip is the size of a grain of rice people ("they") could go around shooting chips into people with air rifles.

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  16. You take this thread, and the subject of Big Brother and his implants, and add that to the new threat that has been mentioned in the news, that if Canada doesn't shore up it's immagration problems (or what the US Government considers an immigration problem) the US will "discourage" Americans from visiting Canada. Shit all that could make you begin to wonder if the whole damn world has just gone crazy....

    I for one will not be getting that implant, even when it is mandatory..... I would rather be DEAD that IMPRISIONED in any way, and I include thought-control in that area too.

    Gesh.... anyone wanna start a commune in Indiana? lol
  17. no, not the whole world... just USA, UK and a few other Europian Countries and any country that follows a mainstraim religion...

    em ok... so, yes the whole world... just about.
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  18. Oh, you poor bastards don't even know that big brother isn't just coming, he's already here. He's listening to your phone calls, reading your emails, and monitoring what websites you visit. No he's even trying to get you to agree to let him track your car in exchange for a discount on car insurance but believe me, I'm not buying it. I'm not doing the snapshot discount and I'm certainly not going to agree to have any sort of computer chip implanted into my arm.
    Well that is a good point, I would rather Delta Force come save me than die by having my throat cut or shot. 
  20. beast, beast beast, the number of the six

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