Big Brother 11

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  1. Does anyone else watch this show? I got hooked on the first season, obsessed over the second season- since then I catch it when I can or watch religiously if it's a good cast. I'm aware most of the human race finds this show repulsive, but 'different strokes' and all that jazz. I like how you can watch it on the internet and see the real story behind the editing. I wish you could do that with Survivor.

    Think it starts July 9. Anyone else gonna watch?
  2. My madre watches this show Haha, it's not my cup of tea, sometimes I catch a show with her.

    To each his own. She's a hardcore fan though, she like subscribes to the forum and so does my sister, but they're a little batty if you ask me. :p
  3. itsa ok show to watch if there is nothing else on tv
  4. I m a big fan of big brother and season 10 of this tv show was awesome and for those who love this show and waiting for next season 11, the date of airing is 12 july.
  5. You would be better Downloading Zeitgeist the Final Cut my Friend ;)Then B>B will not seem all that Strange a show ,Watch it then you will have all the Answers ,you need and a LOT more you Didnt maybe Want .:DEnjoy
  6. I used to watch it for the nudity but they've censored all that since like series 6 so it's utterly shit now.

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