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big bong vs small bong

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DopeyRollz, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Ok so I had a 12 in bong and on that I was able to smoke a whole bowl in one pull but that bong broke so I got a new one which is 16 in tall. On the 16 in I can't smoke the whole bowl! I can only pull like half but when I exhale I let go more smoke than when I would exhale after hitting the 12 in bong.... Sounds weird but do bigger bong make more smoke or something? :eek:

    And I feel like I get "higher" using the big bong with less weed.
  2. Bro......................................Dont you think it depends on the Bowl size? More weed makes more smoke! If i pack .3 in my 3 foot bong then pack a gram in my Pocket sized bowl, which do you think will produce more smoke
  3. I'm using the same bowl piece... The joint size was the same.
  4. The 16" might have a harder drag, which, IMO, would have an impact on the amount of smoke you get. I could be wrong though, so if anyone with a bit more knowledge knows differently, please correct me.
  5. Or could it be than hadn't smoked from a bong in two weeks? I would use a small bowl

  6. That's your reason
  7. A 16 inch bing is bigger so it can hold more smoke, bigger chamber= bigger hits
  8. Obviously a bigger tube has more smoke capacity? Logic...

  9. Logic + Physics. But yeah, a short hit from the big should be more or less equal to a normal small bong rip.
  10. Did you finish up high-school? Not to be rude but it's pretty simple. Your lungs can only expand to a set size. The bigger bong has more air in it opposed to the smaller one because of the size difference. Your lungs at the moment cannot expand large enough to hold 16 inches of smoke and air. You feel higher because of the fact that you need to pull harder to clear the chamber therefore getting a head rush.
  11. Lol yup and I graduated with a 3.9 GPA hahaha but thank people
  12. I love how every stoner that gets called stupid tries and pretends like they have a high G.P.A. No... You don't have a 3.9 G.P.A. If you did you would know the answer already..Bigger bong=bigger hits? NO WAY!!! ;)
  13. this was my final report card... i cant find my overall gpa :p

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  14. Small to medium sized bongs for the win
  15. I like a nice 12"-14" hand blown glass B.

    If you think about it logically, bigger bongs must be drawn full of smoke first. So you're actually taking more air into your lungs than smoke. You can get a much, much bigger hit from a smaller bong.


    True story
  16. Ok let me explain how bong sizes differ from one another and if anybody disagrees then please correct me. Larger bongs do not hold a larger quanity of smoke than smaller bongs. How much smoke being drawn into the chamber has to do with the diameter of the downstem hole, the bowl size, and the diameter of the outlet leading from the bowl. Larger bongs have more volume and less compressed smoke in the chamber. Smaller bongs with the same size downstem and bowl will draw the same amount of smoke as the big bong but will be more compressed inside the chamber which in return will make you cough a lot more and there is less water in a small bong meaning the smoke will irritate more because of warmth and mainly because of how dry it is. You will get higher with a larger bong because you can take larger hits without coughing nearly as much as a small bong (which is why you can take larger hits) and also the smoke is a lot less compressed in the chamber in return you draw more air in your lungs with smoke. The more air mixed with the smoke the better, mainly because your lungs are meant to capture oxygen molecules and nothing larger such as carbon dioxide that's why you exhale co2. The thc in the smoke binds with the oxygen that enters your bloodstream. So the more air mixed with the smoke the higher you'll get. That's why you get higher with larger bongs.
  17. If you think about it logically
  18. No bro, no. Go big, or go home. Unless you're doing it at home. In any case, just go. Go!
  19. Let me ask you this; does a big glass cup hold more than a smaller glass cup?
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    you take more air to fill the chamber but you take more smoke when you clear said chamber.
    i feel like with a smaller bong you would begin to rip it faster? this smoke is clouding my mind ;)

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