Big Bob Bubbler

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  1. Yo, so this "Big Bob Bubbler" is on Online headshop, cannabis seeds, smoking accessories, roor bongs, vaporizers, water pipes and i want to get it for my mom for christmas, but im scared to just in case its a piece of crap.. anyone ever smoked one? if so how was it? does the owner like it? it looks like a very nice piece but im want to be safe.

    Heres the piece

    Thanks for any input :smoke:
  2. link doesn't work bud
  3. oh shit, my bad man lemme try again
  4. still not working... what's the name of the piece you're looking at? I'll see if I can search it.
    its called the "Big Bob Glass Bubbler"
    its not anywhere else but that site. i already looked haha
  6. WOW thats the problem, the website is blocked by grasscity haha. i typed the name and renamed it to grasscity.
  7. every one does it . com
    no spaces
  8. lol that could be a problem, and which one are ya looking at? I'm not the biggest fan of side car bubblers but the orange and red one catches my eye a lot.
  9. that one exactly man... i love it, and i think my mom will too thats why i wanna get it for her.
    do they hit smooth? ive only hit a bubbler a few times, it was my friends and it wasnt anything like the ones ive seen on the internet
  10. Bubblers are interesting in their own way for sure, and I think that they give a pretty smooth hit but that's strictly my opinion. I think that you both will be happy with it but, what can I say bro you know her more than anyone on here if you think she'll like it then go for it. :smoking:
  11. haha true that man, shippings hella expensive so i might just go to my local headshop... lol

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