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  1. The is a legal medical grow per RCW 65.91.
    Finally decided to put up a journal of my little grow. Just seven plants. They are as follows:
    1. (2) Critical 47  (Critical Mass X AK47\t
    2. (1) White Siberian (White widow X AK47)\t
    3. (1) Mangolian Indica (Afghani SkunkX afghani X Northern Lights)\t 
    4. (1) Chocolope  ( OG Chocoloate Thai X Cannalope Haze)\t
    5. (1) Jilly Bean   (Orange velvet X space queen)\t
    6. (1) MKAGE  ( MK Ultra XSage)
    These all came from clones from various sources, the first 5 I put out were on May 15th and the last two (MKAGE and Jillybean) were put outside tonight.
    Currently in 3.5 gallon plastic pots.The plan is to transplant them into 20 Gal Smart pots at the end of June.
    I whipped up a quick interim soil mix using:
    1. Growers Gold outdoor soil mix\t
    2. Pearlite\t
    3. Worm castings\t
    4. Blood meal\t
    5. Bone meal
    I'm starting my final mix this weekend. It will have all of the above but I will add bat Guano, Kelp meal and lime. The plan is to mix it into the smart pots to let it cook off for the next 30 days.
    I'm up here in the Pacific Northwest at the 47th parallel so all but 2 of the strains I selected should finish by the first two weeks in Oct. Last year we had good weather almost all the way through Oct and I'm hoping for a repeat.
    My secret spot is tucked back in the Alders, Cottonwood, Mountain ash and then ubiquitous Blackberries.  The Blackberries actually make this spot nearly impenetrable which is nice for security.
    Pics to come soon. Not too much to see at the tallest is only a little over a foot tall. The weather has been dreadful since I put them out and this looks like the first week of real sun they are going to see.

  2. Nice choice of strains, grew chocolope last year she was a beast, pulled 5 pounds and some change out of a 100 gallon.
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    5LBS!!!! that's nuts. It actually makes me giggle just thinking about it.
    The chocolope is a lanky fast grower so far and the tallest of them all with that sativa like branch structure. I fimmed them 3 days ago and they are already starting to bush up. Need some sun badly.
    So far the one that seems to be thriving like it was meant for this weather is the Mangolian Indica. It is growing no matter what. Bushy already and the main stem looks like it has doubled in size in the last week. I bet it has something to do with the Northern lights side of the genetics.
  4. U seen my journal last year? Its in my signture. Going for 10 pound plants with my 400 gallon purple berries this year. Did 7 pounds out of my 200 gallon last year, blackberry. Got agdp in the 200 this year.
  5. Finally have certifiable actual sun today and a great forecast for the next week. Big week for veg. 
    I put the MKAGE and Jilly bean out last night and didn't put copper tape around the pots. Boom slugs! stuff works 100%.
    Have I told you how much I hate colored solo cups for clones? fucking retarded. (in my best Joan Crawford) " No goddamn colored solo cups!" Clear only. With clear you can see how the root structure is coming along. I went to transplant them and they basically fell apart because the root system was so undeveloped. Now the tallest (Jillybean) is going to be very weak until it can get that taproot anchored.
    Newbs need ol Bob to show them how to take clones the old school way.  :smoke:
  6. Oh and an observation on the Critical 47. They are noted for being so stinky as to be a real security problem. I believe it, the two I have are a foot tall and I can smell them 10 feet away. What the hell are they going to smell like when they are 6 feet tall and laden with buds?
  7. I get a good feeling that this is gonna be a real nice little grow, Big Bob.
  8. thanks man ,you were my motivation. I was googling strains and found my way here by accident. 3 hours later I had read  all your journals and was on a mission to set myself up with some killer organic outdoor.
  9. things are looking good in the pocket. The Fimming I did immediately made the stalk swell and the plants started to get bushy immediately. I've noticed that until the bottom of the stalk matches the girth of the swollen stalk the plant doesn't do much vertical growth.
    The Mangolian Indica continues to be the best looking and most vigorous grower. The White Siberian has really responded to the sun we have been getting. It was showing a little preflower and hardly growing at all, despite being the first plant put out on May 15th. The MKAGE is actually looking kinda promising. From the limited info I had on it, it is a slow grower that doesn't get very big but it has been doing well for being a pretty young clone. 
  10. Update, more of an observation really. All the plants I put out on May 15th Preflowered and it has really slowed the growth, they are just now snapping out of it. Everything else is fine. Don't think my goal of having them at 3FT tall by the end of June is going to happen.
  11. Robert - I think you'll be happy with the 20gal smart pots.  I did 10 gal smart pots last year, and I didn't think they were big enough.
    I'm doing some tomatoes in 20gal smart pots, and the extra 10 gal makes a big difference.  Only downside, you really can't move the 20gal pots around that easy.  Personally, I'd get them in the smart pots as soon as I could.  Just give a good fertile mix in the smart pot and you should be off the races.
  12. I was always under the impression that roots hated light, so colored were the way to go?
    I've seen some slick setups with a colored and clear cup of the same size, so you just slip one into the other and pull to check, great idea.
  13. yes, used the colored one as a sleeve. Clear is the way to go. I would just pop a sandwich bag on top and bang roots in about 10 days.
  14. just added 2 Blue Dream clones to my mix. noticing little green leaf hoppers lately. might have to lay down some nuke. id prefer not to though. Been raining for nearly 24 hours straight up here. Just when i thought we were going to have a decent June we see why they call it "June Gloom".
  15. I am in PNW as well. Purple Kush finished fast for me last year. So this year my garden is 90% Kush strains. Good luck friend. 
  16. This last week has been a great week for growth. Despite the rains, things have taken off bigtime. I think some of it has simply to do with the ambient temps. Up until now it has been dipping below 50 degrees at night and I think that has really affected them. Now with the temps staying in the mid 50's at night, things are really looking a lot better.
    My superstar, the mangolian indica is now the dog of the bunch. Growth has slowed to a crawl and it's now the smallest of all of them. Even the MKAGE has overtaken it. At the rate I'm going, transplanting to 20 gallon smart pots by early July is looking very do able.
  17. finally got up the gumption to add some pics. sorry for the quality they were taken on my phone. 038.jpg 037.jpg 039.jpg
  18. Jillybean   040.jpg
    MKAGE   041.jpg
    My little Blue Dreams I put out in early July   042.jpg
  19. Got some good looking plants man Keep it going
  20. picture of the "pocket" 045.jpg
    Mangolian Indica  046.jpg
    Chocolope   047.jpg
    White Siberian - this one is the farthest into flowering. 049.jpg

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