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    Loving my new bong ... Hits like a dream ...

    A two chamber beauty, 3 tree perc, Ice catcher & glass on glass diffuser.

    Got the bong w/carrying case + a piece on the side all for $140. The bong alone retailed for $259.

    That's the beauty of Venice Beach. You can always bargain with the vendors.


  2. i have the same thing, except mine has one more tree perc so its a three perc:), but beautiful piece indeed. nice size, mine is kinda big and sometimes hard to transport, but dayuuuuuuumn, it rips face.
  3. i had the exact same one, becareful with it as it tips easily when you have water in it, mine tipped when i didnt even noticed that i touched it it smashed very niice
  4. :eek: insanely beautiful

  5. thanks man. i love it
  6. nice! buddy has almost exact same one, his has a double bubble AC on it tho
  7. That's actually a lot like one I was just looking to buy. Good shit. How much did it cost you?
  8. I bought this at Venice Beach. Full retail was around $250 w/carrying case. I talked him down to a nice $140 + an extra piece I named Ocean Front.
  9. How big is yours? And is that two-tree perc or three-tree? I can't tell if the blue part has a perc underneath it or not. And it appears to have a glass-on-glass diffuser, no?

    I'm just tryin' to figure out how much of a price discrepancy the East Coast has vs the West Coast
  10. It's hot I was in a heashop the other day and I saw the same thing but green. Nice bong man
  11. in the midwest that would prolly run round $225... sticker price
  12. Looks pretty awesome.

    Cool name too

  13. i have the same one...but it has dome percs..and the percs are clear
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    Its a three tree perc, 2 chamber, it also has a glass on glass diffuser. 2 ft tall.

    I got that bong + bag + a very solid piece all for $140 final price.
  15. :) I think thats the most beautiful glass i have EVER sen in my life.

    +++++++REP bro. And have fun:smoke:
  16. thats sweet. ive seen a lot of those "generic" bongs (for lack of a better word). but there sweet. nice percs, beaker bottom. solid GonG. diffusers, i want one of them. looks nice
  17. LOVe it man how much??
  18. Thanks man. Its a gorgeous piece.

    Thanks bro. It was a solid deal I couldn't pass up.

    Bong, Case and piece on the side for $140 .... Retail was $250

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