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    what is the best way to get my plant as big as possible? its a clone and ive had it for about 6 days now...its already in a pot, but its going into the ground as soon as the roots take hold and bust out of the rockwool. ive already used blood and bonemeal in the soil mix, which i messed up on because i think i put too much, even tho i did what the bag said....i think i messed up because i mixed it yesterday, but today some of the leaves are turning yellow, and the plant was drooping a little, but then i put the plant in the shade and it straightened back up, still yellow though.......but yeah anyways i need this to be as big as can be and produce monster buds:D what can i do



    these pics r before i put the blood and bonemeal
  2. during harvest, add molasses to your water mixture
  3. Transplant it to a nutritious well-draining compost, in as large a pot as possible - my largest this year is 65 gallons. Give it liquid nutes and plenty of sun.
  4. id say stick with your putting it in the ground plan first off... i would highly suggest using 30-50% compost if you can when making your soil. (i hardly have to give veg nutes because of my compost)..... when it comes to increased yield youve got a few option. you can FIM, super crop, top, or LST..... i have a LST method i prefer, but everyones got their favorite.

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