Big Ben tobacco pipes?

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  1. My grand-father has a Big Ben tobacco pipe brand new and he offered me to buy it from him I don't know why,but... I was thinking to buy it and use it to for toking what do you think should I buy it?
  2. Lets see a pic...
  3. The pipe looks like this => 8550_blog_266_custom.jpg
  4. Ive got one that looks just like that. Works well...but not like a glass peice
  5. Id buy it if its under 15 bucks... If not u could pry get a new one for ≤ 20
  6. Actually it is brand new he never used it before....
  7. oh well shit, See how much he wants... Id feel like a boss smokin outta one of those. Do you know if the inside is outlined with some sort of metal, Or is it all wood?
  8. he asks 25$ for it and its all wood...
  9. I wouldnt. It wasn't made for it, it wont be optimal.

    You could get a chillum for 15 bucks that would work way better. My friend bought a pipe like that and regretted it. Its only practical with hemp wick, and even then the draw isnt as steady as youd be getting with a spoon.
  10. Yea i used to have a wooden bowl and they dont really taste good at all... I thought maybe it would only taste like wood on the last hit or w/e but the whole bowl'a weed just tastes off.. Unless its made with better quality wood or somethin lol idk, Or if its worth it to you to just buy it as a decorational piece?

    Really up to you man.
  11. Pick it up, buy some high quality pipe tobacco, and enjoy it. It's not gross like cigarette or cigar tobacco, it has really nice taste actually.
  12. thanks for the help guys!!!

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