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  1. About a week ago I went to one of my spots to water and spray and about half way through I started getting stung bad looked down and saw a bunch of yellow jackets flying out of a hole in the ground so since I already watered I just took off.

    Well today I went back and was careful not to step on the hole and this time I got hit real bad probably over 100 times. I'm actually feeling really sick but I'm not allergic. They came out of different holes this time I guess they were everywhere and I don't know what to do.

    My plants next to these bee holes is in a 65 gallon smart pot so I can hit these bees with whatever. The only thing I can think of is carry cement blocks into the woods and cover the holes but I think they will just dig around it? Any advice on how to get rid of these bees. They will be gone by harvest time as it will be to cold for them or I would keep them in case of rippers. Thanks for any advice.
  2. Get a can of wasp spray and go back in the night when they are sleeping a drench holes that they came out. I had the same thing happen to me. I got those fuckers back though. You won't get stung at night.
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  3. It's going to be very difficult to get there at night but I will try. I have to walk through a swamp then a large briar patch where my pants are. Still I know night is the time to do it. This wasp nest has to be huge with several different entrances, I saw wasps flying in bunches around several spots close to the ground. If they have several holes but I hit what looks like the largest main hole that should do it then maybe stomp the other holes so they don't fly out?
  4. You must kill the queen!!
    Get a wasp/yellow jacket trap..
  5. Yes you must kill the queen, however wasp traps will not work with the queen unless it is at the very beginning of the season. And that is rare. Been dealing with Yellow Jackets out here in the country for many years. You have to find the hive and destroy it. It's only efficient way. I know. I have been stung many times by those nasty suckers. Don't get me wrong though. Wasps serve a purpose. They eat a lot of insects, and are good for the environment to a point. Good luck!
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  6. Wasps are meat eaters..Just leave a little hamburger out and they will demolish it fast!!
    I got a queen trapped this year and she died..very few wasps in my yard this year!
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  7. Get a pump sprayer and go way over board with a soap mix, something that will coat them as they come out of the ground. Make them crawl through soap bubbles to leave the holes. Then stick the wand in the holes and spray. Should work and they'll vacate eventually. I ran over a in ground nest with my tractor last year and I got stung a bunch, it sucks man. Good luck.
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  8. That's a trip. I have yellow jackets and crazy wasps too but they never bite me. I've seen them eating other bugs and read they even kill caterpillars. If u can I'd control the population, not eliminate them entirely
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